AxeMurderer Mining Log

Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by AxeMurderer, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    You can thank MindArk for the first mining log on Arkadia.
    After the tons of Failed messages I had to switch to mining and I like it. I may change my hunting career to mining.
    I did 100 PED/drops, ore mining run in the Desert on Arkadia.

    Mining Ore with Ziplex Z1 Seeker at the Desert on Arkadia


    and 287 PED lysterium stone global litle after that mining run
  2. Thedarksnw

    Thedarksnw Phyrexian

    Decent start, way to go ;p.
  3. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

  4. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    After some months of skilling I can use bigger finders now and usualy make small profit.
    This is my favorite fun mining run with some hunting. Sometiems I go the same path mostly hunting with few drops. Eather way it's more fun than mining in some forgoten by the Gods LA.
    Last few days got 1 mining HOF and few hunting globals there. I guess now I'll see more green dots there.

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