Avatar "DannyO" and the abuse of 2 developer items

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Thanks, and your style of writing isnt the problem. Its good.
    And you are right, trying to be polite is always the right choice.

    Honestly, I always expect backfiring and sometimes its even appreciated. :P
    Even better when the backfiring is legitimate, when I was wrong and the trolls come out,
    claiming, that Im just Anti-MA and all of my threads from the past must be automatically just...Anti-MA stuff. x'D

    But thats so rare, I dont even remember when that happened. ^^
    But if I have to say sorry, I will do so.

    I dont claim to know everything. But as I said...this case really started to stink awfully.
    And it is no secret I sometimes get informations beyond our community.
    I only try to gather as much information as possible, for you to judge.
    Your personal instinct will act as the judge in the end, not Mindark. Not me.

    But I will try my best to connect things, to open even more eyes, about what is going on here.

    In the end it is just another show I wasted my energy on...and honestly, I was ready to leave for good after the deeptoken scam.
    But damn, with the late "Green Fund Finance", "Deathifier at court with Arkadia" and the "DannyO statement", its very hard to resist digging deeper. Because there is always more to the story, then what the people on forum claim to be the final truth. =)

    This is a dirty game. We all know it. So no reason to hold back.
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  2. The "Talking like a priest" post :

    dannyo Rowan.jpg

    "Accusations, assumptions and speculations are less then helpfull"
    By now its simple facts, this story is based on..that said, epic fail.

    "Lets not stand here and pretend we are all perfect."

    Neither here, nor on the other forum, anyone pretended such...ah whatever...
    Sorry that people love to SEE the truth in public and enjoy commenting on it.

    "Lets not do anything. Let god resolve the mess. None of us are perfect."

    *sniff* I got tears in my eyes now ! ;D
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  3. It's interesting.

    Initially we had attempts to derail the thread, all noted here. But following this when it appeared that this was not going to work, we had a number of either 'feel-good' threads (why can't we all just get along etc) or those that wanted to blame everyone's current frustrations on CV-19.
    What's interesting is of course, who was responsible for these threads (starting and effectively bumping) , which I believe were nothing more than attempts to divert interest away from the primary discussion.

    Also, some individuals have been noticeable by their absence ;)

    And then there's the Messi thread, which appears very quickly after Zen's. Coincidental? Perhaps. Or just another example of back-pedalling?

    There's a lot going on. Probably a lot more than has been exposed so far.
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  4. I reckon there are more than two avatars who had their hands in the cookie jar.
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  5. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Seems like it. I wonder if we'll ever get details of the other "infractions"?
  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Sounds like a great opportunity for Mindark and all planet partners to finally expose ALL the shit that's been going on for years, fire and kick everyone involved, apologize to everyone not involved, set up a code of conduct for everyone to follow and implement a zero tolerance policy for violations. Clean the house or go to hell.
  7. Guaranteed.

    Frankly though, one is not confident of appropriate resolution.
    Scruples and conduct are immaterial when money is involved. And not just in game.
  8. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Is/was more than 2 ''hands in cookie jar'' hehehe. Scroll down a bit through black hole section sub forum here read EMW post. Is active players (BIG investers) who can make 1 phone call and STILL get you whatever you want -1 phone call :).

    This was a nice 1 from Mr Compet (rick England)

    Danny's post page 11 post #103

    As a fellow brit, I'm sure your original intentions were totally honourable helping the event. I don't want people banned or sacked.

    Nor do I want your Ava that must be a good 15 years old killed off over a stupid mistake. Especially the money you pumped in.


    Mark summed it all up =

    With the (many) annual shitstorms, which is a standard inside of Entropia,
    because MindArk fucks up a lot, also always threads like "Too much negativity" and "Why so much negativty" show up.

    Since more then 10 years the silence of MindArk (together with broken promises and lies), silence is the most recognized thing by the community.
    Yet they continue as usual, after every single fuckup.

    People usually try to distract the community from the main problems with such threads.
    This years reason by FiftyShades, *drummroll*..."its because of CORONA VIRUS and stressed gamers". x'D
    Lovely...always making it sound as if there is really no other problem with this company from sweden. ^^

    People will then post stuff what theyd love to be changed, cry for Mindark to post something and...

    ...then a simple "Hey, we are still here" by Mindark will calm the waves.
    People will deposit again, until the next of the countless shitstorms arrives.

    I felt in love with Entropia in 2004. But I watched this drama closely since 2009.
    Quite a spectacular psychological experiment. :p
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  9. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    I can do similar speech but I say in 3 words BRAIN WASHED SHEEP. Those who are defending the accused (is more than 2!) are....ALL IN THE SAME SOCIETY!!!. Wow weeeeeeeeeeee. Takes a fucking idiot to figure that 1 out doesn't it!!!!

    When will you learn?. Keep depositing. Suckers!
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  10. "A stupid mistake" ;D
  11. Thread locked
    Discussion terminated.
    Statement imminent.
  12. San


    Everything has been said, just not yet by everybody.
  13. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Not true, details of similar items loaned to other players still not known. Especially developer weapons
  14. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    And besides in-game items there are also other forms of abuse. For example: a couple of years ago in a private discussion a management level planet partner employee gave us the info that a specific very well-known player and EU investor was using an alt account to sell off high end gear in EU auction just before MA without any prior announcement nerfed exactly that high end gear. It's a dirty rotten game.

  15. An example from 2005/2006 poppe dinto my head, when MA decided that undecaying lasers (1950?) would start to decay with the next update. An updated that wasnt announced (yet).

    That "insider-info" spread like a wildifre ingame though.
    In the end most players knew about it. And if you were lucky owning some of these precious lasers, you could sell yours to some "cheeky trolls"... ;p

    But there are so many stories out there. Lets wait and SEE...
  16. San


    Everything about this particular case, everything which can be known and every imaginable speculation, and every opinion about punishment and everything else and its opposite. Other cases weren't the topic.
  17. I so agree! They need to do a "clean sweep" and go back to banning Alts and botters and all of that. I was thinking these folks at MA need like a Crime-stoppers tip-line or something, where a player can report cheaters and get a 1K PED reward possibly. ( verifiable ofc ) Some way to help the trust that has been lost over the years. Not sure what would work to be honest, just grasping at straws.
  18. As if Henrik Nel typed this text by himself...buhahahahha x'D

    But ya, looks way cooler if the so called CEO steps forward. ;D

    -5 month ban...pffffff.... (DannyO and Cobra ?)
    I know of people who went to court with Mindark for less...
    aka. "Max Nostrop Donner" and "Hieronyme Lesolitaire Thorton" and "Barmaley HunterZ Tex"...loosing all their items...for botting.

    Having Planet Partners involved and using Developer items doesnt seem to be worth going to court, lol.
    Just think of the money involved. And Planet Partners leaving...
    Oh and in todays Entropia botting is tolerated btw. ...

    -MindForce skills set to 1 (lol, who cares if you reset Mindforce skills ?) gg ez x'D

    -Removing the items from Entropia Universe ? Doesnt make any sense...but okay...your world...your rules...

    -Current Skill Implants of the desired accounts have been removed (and the sold ones, lol ?)

    -Security Review of all official avatars... ridiculous...but the community got silenced once again. =)

    5 month ban.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2020
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  19. Even the bogus official statement thread gets out of control now.

    Bad language, reallife threats...love it. ^^
  20. If you don't get hatemail you're not doing it right!

    So yeah, i'm finally here to pay homage to our favorite independent intelligence agent and freelance forum defacer. ;D

    Seriously though, compliments are in order for collecting some of the most juicy PE/EU reading material ever since i left the realm of rce for what it was. John and i still have fond memories of destroying some of the more familiar names in PvP with only mediocre equipment, so there's that. I'll be watching this thread if i can find the find the right button...

    Anyway, we hope you're doing well man. Keep fighting the good fight and don't be a stranger now!

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