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Auction: 30 Time travel BPs

Discussion in 'Trading & services' started by JohnCapital, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. red



    I was going to bid 10 ped.

    you rot, john.
  2. OK, the winner is not holding up to their agreement, so I guess this item is back on the market.

    Next person to offer anything close to 4 ped/BP wins it.
  3. Hoping not to have to place these items for sale on PCF, but seems there's not much activity/interest here.
  4. Your probably better off going back to Carlito's bid. 4ped did seem a little high since you can get them for 2.5-3 ped from newbies.
  5. Actually, I tried to talk to Carlito about honoring his latest bid, but he tried to back off and offer 2 ped/BP

    Guess I'll just hold on to them until June.
  6. Well, the purchase was delayed due too an unfortunate communication error, but Bearlover came through. BPs sold. Thanks much and hope the buyer is happy w/ their purchase.
  7. Gratz on the sale.

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