Attack of the Drone Coordinators

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Tigeress, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. When I heard there were some Coordinators at Atlas Haven, I had to go and investigate:D
    They were actually teleporting in about every 10mins or so:cool:

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  2. Thanks for the screenshot, Tigeress! I was in Nymphtown defending there ;) Totally forgot about taking screenshot though.

    Apart from Atlas and Nymph they also attacked Hadesheim and Jason Centre as far as I know. Perharps even more cities.
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  3. Cool. I think I missed all the attacks, I hope they continue later today also.
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  4. Attacks continue, and MA-official told us that all the attacks will go on over the weekend.
    Zychion Citadel is filled with drone elites and warrior elites, and what not big bots. Second entities up to gen '09 are roaming somewhere on Eudoria and Hadesheim C is filled with different bots, including defenders '01-'10 and drone coordinators '01-'10.

    Two of the screenshots show a big problem in Hadesheim. Bots spawn inside the buildings you can't enter.

    Screenshot_20081128214130875.jpg Screenshot_20081128221840703.jpg Screenshot_20081128224015296.jpg Screenshot_20081128224920375.jpg
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  5. Heck! How do you get out of a situation lke that? Shoot your way out. Makes a change though from exos and snables...
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