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  1. I’m getting my new PC built tomorrow so can finally play games other than EU. :)

    Want to try Skyrim but should I get the ‘special edition’ or ‘legendary’ version?

    Also is it better to download on Steam or buy the dvd(s) please?

    Oh, are there other prior episodes of Skyrim I should play first or is it a standalone game?

    I guess these questions are directed at Jamira. :)
  2. Wistrel

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    Hehe time to play - spot the oldies. I remember Arena :D


    Suffice to say I didn't play it much - maybe no more than an hour when visiting a friend. Seemed to involve a lot of walking with nothing but a flat green surface to see. But at the time it was an open world 3D game when such things were radical new tech.

    Oh... apparently walking from one place to another was impossible! Whaaaat??

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  3. Jamira

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    Skyrim is the fifth episode of "Elder Scrolls". But it's a standalone story. You don't need to know any former episodes. It's from 2011 but still one of the most popular games ever. So be aware that the graphics are standard from that time.

    You can't avoid Steam, even if you buy the DVD. The licence runs via Steam. So you should download it from that platform. Especially because you will get all updates and DLCs automatically.

    Regarding "Special Edition": It depends to what you want. You can improve the game dramatically in different ways by mods wich are for free. For the original you can find 2349 mods at Additional you may install "Nexus Mod Manager" wich will do all the job for you in most cases (not in all cases). For Skyrim SE 235 mods, wich is 10% only. For that raeson I suggest to start with the original version. At least I, as an old Skyrim-customer, got the SE for free AND SEPERATE. I can play both of them. But you can't load characters from one version to the other one. I still prefer the original version because of the 150+ mods I use meanwhile. You may custom the game in many different ways. I played it in three versions meanwhile: "original version" more or less without mods, the "luxury version" and the "survival version". Oh ... and the VR version ofc. wich is an incredible new experiance. Just the basic game, no mods, old textures. But really impressive in it's own way.

    I found an old description of installation (see appendix). It's not up to date but you may find some hints how to improve the original game.

    Compared to "Assassin's Creed Origins" in 4k "Skyrim" is old fashioned. But the story is way better. My opinion is, it is still worth a try.

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  4. Jamira

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    LOL yeah! OMFG ... thank you for the map-video! Those times where so crazy. Listen to the "music"! LOL!
  5. Jamira many thanks!

    My mate built my new machine for me today and before I read your post I downloaded the Skyrim Special Edition from Steam. :)

    I really like it so far though I’m not too good at equipping stuff yet and combat but hopefully will improve.

    Can’t believe the number of mods and I guess it will take me a long time playing the standard game before wanting to try those?

    Also ran EU in new PC plus really nice new monitor and ran beautifully smooth at maxed everything.

    Trouble is I’m broke now but you can’t have everything. :)
  6. Jamira

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    My pleasure. Glad you are fine. Have fun!
  7. Jamira

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    Back to ACO. More and more I tend to say it's not a good game. Since one hour I try to fight a sea battle as Aya, Bayeks wife. I don't know what to do. The quest starts over and over again after I've lost the battle. I want to play an assassine with Bayek as my hero. But I have to play his wife occasionally as commander of a warship. I can't escape from that. I'm really pissed.

    Except from this you have always to do the same. Everytime. Even the main quest is boring. Always the same. I am at level 32 of 40 meanwhile. I still don't understand the steering with the controler. It is not fascinating. It is boring and illogical. At the beginning I was told that I killed my son by accident and by fault of a group of masked men. Five of them. I killed them all meanwhile. But now Bayek is in search of the true murder of his son. What? Sorry, this is completely idiotic.
  8. Jamira

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    HOLY CRAP! Wife was away for three days and I played "Horizon Zero Dawn" with some short breaks only for meals, sleeping and get new beer. Man, THAT'S a story! And very well told. The tension starts after a few hours and doesn't stop until the end of the main quest. Last night I thought, that I was close to end. But they managed to drag me in for more and more of the story. At 8 in the mornig I took a short break for a small breakfast and finished the main quest at 11 am. I just couldn't stop.

    It is really like an extra long movie. Or better: stuff enough for a TV series with two or three seasons. Just the main quest, please note. Not to speak about all the side stories. I had no repeatings during this adventure. The contrary to ACO, where you have to do the same over and over again. ACO is the totally looser against Horizon.
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