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Arthur's Island Guides, Part 1 and 2

Discussion in 'Tutorials & guides' started by Meg, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Arthur Sorensen, our First Wave friend over at Crystal Arrival, has some advice and help for new arrivals to Next Island:

    Hello there! Can you hear me? Oh, sorry to yell so loudly, sometimes Newlanders are a bit deaf when coming out of the Teleporter. Don’t worry though, the effects wear off after awhile…How do you do? My name is Arthur and it’s my job to greet Newlanders and help them settle into our island ways.​

    Check out the full version here Remember, like any good walkthrough, they do contain some spoilers!

    More details on our walkthroughs and guides here on the dev blog: Guides and Tutorials | Next Island Dev Blog
  2. red


    I like the guides. they should be very good for new people. It was an excellent idea to write them from an story-line view point.
  3. Nice Guides there. I have to point something out about the Carpentry one though, Midas trees are not found on NI so getting those Midas boards can be a bit of a problem :) Guess we'll have to get some Midas trees planted for the next VU :)

    Oh putting my Shirlock Holmes hat on I noticed that the avatar in the mining, crafting and healing guides is the same avatar as YREntertainment and Next Island Launch First Virtual Reality Reality Show.

    So who's behind that avatar :P
  4. Was there ever a Midas Tree, I got all mine from Atrox? Maybe some will sprout up on the island and the Boars will eat them :)

    Your Sherlock Holmes should have told you about the latest buzz.

    So I would assume they have a lot of different avi's they use.
  5. Tom


    Very nice, Meg! I like the narrative/story approach you gave to the guides.

    Do you mind one suggestion? Many people are skimmers, meaning they glance at text to glean the meaning and move on to something else. The guide, although extremely informative, may lose some readers if they realize the length of the page. The suggestion is to break apart the text into topical sections--still all on the same page--but segmented to help people put their mind in gear as they go along. To help people along, perhaps have near the header a brief outline of the topics. Example:

    • Meeting Arthur
    • Changing Cloths
    • Using Next Islander Knock
    • Questing
    • Meeting Fyodor ...etc...

    Have each of these linked on the page to the section it covers.

    I feel organizing the narrative by sequential topics will help people prepare for each helpful information piece they come to, versus spending about 5-7 minutes reading through the entire thing uncertain what comes next.

    Make sense?

    I really appreciate what you all have done producing this guide. Humorous, informative, and helpful! Love it!

  6. I think the Atrox would eat the Boar, wich would be a good thing, we need a few less boar. :)( I know what you really meant :P )

    Ya I saw that already, basicaly what everyone with half a brain already knew :) . Just wondering why the same avatar would be used to promote "Avataret" and be in the guids. :)
  7. Maybe the loot was bad doing promotion work so she had to change to writing guides :)
  8. I like the chatty Arthur and his guides, good to encourage new players, but I think it goes a bit beyond "guide" and is a "walk-through." It promises to continue in Part 3. There are not very many quests, I hope how to do them is not going to be spelled out in these guides leaving nothing to be figured out, no challenge.

    And yeah, I looked at Carpentry (Pall Stool being the only furniture BP sold by the NI Technician) and I'll be watching and waiting for either frigulite ingots or midastree boards to be on the NI auctionbot. I think it might have been better to use an example BP that uses ingredients new players are likely to find (like Combustor under Vehicle BPs, or Metal Plating under Component BPs) that use newbie-obtainable ingredients (dropped or mined on Next Island.)

    Combustor: 3 belkar ingot, 4 lysterium ingot, 4 melchi crystal
    Metal Plating: 6 melchi crystal, 1 blausariam ingot.

    Both can be made with stuff anyone can mine for right out of the gate. I wish Simple I Conductors BP was on the Technician, it's the ultimate newbie print, all animal oils. Someone buys their first weapon and that BP, and they can be trying crafting for the first time in mere minutes.

    p.s. anyone else think Belkar Ingots look like those round Eggo Waffles ;) I mean seriously:
    Entropedia: Gallery

    I mine that stuff up and I want to refine it then pour syrup on it.
  9. red


    yeah, that was my first thought when they changed the belkar ingots to the round style. being brownish, they even look like they've been toasted.
  10. aia


    One thing I didn't understand when I did that first mission was what was expected from me when it came to decode that mission, and frankly I don't know if I did it or not though I got a checkmark at "decoding", or what the result was. Can you give a hint here what the decoded thing was supposed to say?

    I did some manual work to try to decode it, I found one thing in the text that made sence (one thing about IO - maybe that IO was the one behind the mess?), and some number that could have been the x or y coordinate for a location ("2419.6"). I didn't find any more clue how to use that information though. It was a bit of a longshot for me that decoding the information was done by going to another NPC.
  11. red


    I didn't bother to try to decode the message. it was faster and easier (possibly more interesting as well) to just go and do the mission.

    I liked talking to the robots, anyways.
  12. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

  13. aia


    "Do you feel a little strange? I keep blinking my eyes, but my vision is so blurred…and my skin feels kind of tight…That can’t be good…"

    No it usually isn't, unfortunately. At this point, 19 times of 20, I get the usual popups ending with "Game exited unexpectedly, press OK to stop voice chat". Or it was like this last time I was on NI.

    Let's hope it's fixed by the VU ;)

    I'll go to NI for another visit after a few days after the VU when the pirates circling calypso space station have calmed down a bit (when all right-after-VU travellers have left calypso).
  14. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

  15. red


    nice continuation.

    however, I have a question:

    if arthur is a first-waver and that guy in the palace in ancient greece is a first-waver, might the two of them not already know each other? or, if arthur was later in the first wave, wouldn't he still know of those who went to scout the portals?
  16. bump bets that I can post then the first time??
  17. It says Page not found are the guides gone or something?...I'm starting to get turned off actually.....
  18. Liu


    As everything changed locations they would probably be obsolete anyway.

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