Arthur, King of the.... (Subtitle: Meg Seriously Cannot Stop Laughing At This)

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    Arthur: No need to kneel, I am not a god...
    Me: I wasn't kneeling, I'm just glad to be on solid ground.
    Arthur: I am just your king. I am Arthur, king of the Bri.. er, Elysians
    Me: The Who?
    Arthur: The Elysians.
    Me: I see
    Arthur: Well, it's the androids really.
    Me: And they elected you king did they?
    Arthur: Well, erm, they're programmed to serve, so none of them can be king. It had to be me.
    Me: No swords held aloft from the water by arms clad in shimmering samite?
    Arthur: Don't be silly


    Arthur: Anyway, I am king and you shall be my champion.
    Me: I'll have to think about that.
    Arthur: You shall go forth, meet fair damsels, rescue the lost and fight dragons.
    Me: Dragons?
    Arthur: Yes, they're all over the mountains to the north, and around the race track on the other island.
    Me: Around the race track. Of course they are.
    Arthur: I can give you the TP locations.


    Me: I'd better be off then, to er, fight those dragons.
    Arthur: Good, good. You will be welcome back in camelot anytime you're passing.
    Me: (whispers while walking away) I really hope I'm not the only sane one here.
  2. that's no basis for a system of government!
  3. Glad you liked it Meg
  4. Are you being repressed?
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