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    It appears that the Arkoin regulatory process is still experiencing a lot of gold tape, and the Arkoin Brokers must continue to stand down while everything is sorted out. However, in a previous news release, Arkadia Studios made it known that this delay will in no way prevent them from offering an opportunity to acquire real life and Arkadian treasures.

    Many in the community have waited anxiously for the Arkadia Gold Rush Arkoin Auction 2012 to begin, but the waiting is over. The first group of Arkadia and real life items have been put up for bid, but we have learned that there will be more. For those of you who have collected, and perhaps even hoarded your Arkoins, now is the time to consider your options.

    The history behind some of the items is quite intriguing, and owning one of these treasures may very well connect you to the past in unexpected ways. You may find yourself crafting an armor like Ankitus, found to be particularly functional protection for the desert areas of Arkadia, and discovered in the ruins of what seems to be the ancient city of Aakas. It appears that a substantial population may have dwelt there, and according to the Archaeological Society, this armor may have been planned as some sort of a status symbol for this ancient Arkadian society.

    The ancient Arkadians seemed to have paid particular attention to the various weather environments, because also discovered in the ruins was the Koroma armor, designed to withstand the more colder climates. This clearly indicates a possible trade and transport business between Aakas and other regions of the planet, but further studies are being conducted to verify this discovery. It seems that this armor as well, was destined to become some sort of status symbol, but further information is needed to confirm.

    In the meantime, the opportunity exists to bid on the discovered blueprints of these armors and craft a piece of history yourself. They are both unlimited, and have a Quality Rating of 100, which I am sure is a result of the ancients mastering their profession in the art of crafting. Make your bid now, and take your place in ongoing history to reveal to those of the future that you have honored the ancients by reviving, and continuing with a time-respected tradition.

    If crafting isn’t your niche, and you’re more akin to giving your enemy a challenge by staring down the cold, hard steel of the barrel of his or her weapon without retreating, then get your bid in for a full set of limited (L) Pegasus Armor with some pretty impressive stats. This armor is highly sought after, and the greatest in the Lorika Tek’s range of protection while engaged in a full-on fire-fight with the enemy. It is said that even the Imperial Federal Navy considers this armor highly desirable.

    The Arkoin Auction continues to bring real life Alienware products within our grasp by offering two (2) X51 Desktop computers, and eight (8) of the Alienware TactX Mouse, but there are more real life products up for auction. These include Arkadia caps/hats, as well as Arkadia shirts. The full list of items up for bid, along with the rules, can be seen here.

    For those not interested in bidding on auction items, you still have an opportunity to collect the Arkadia Arkoins and sell them to those who definitely plan on participating in the Gold Rush Arkoin Auction of 2012. We heard through the grapevine that the value of Arkoins is rising, so join the Gold Rush of 2012 and stake your claim one way or another.

    We wish the best to all auction bidders.

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