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  1. NotAdmin

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    I figured I would create a thread to list all the different training and beginner missions available on Arkadia. They have also been added to the Mission Tracker.

    I got these within the Repusle Firebase Academy, but I guess they can be found at other firebases as well. I listed them in alphabetical order, with the exception of the first two, which are the first ones you probably will encounter.

    Starting Out - Visit New Arrival Information Desk
    Obtained from:
    Arriving at the Firebase Academy​
    Go to the Information Desk​
    Speak to the assistant​
    Learn the Basics​

    Starting Out - Basic Training
    Obtained from:
    Training Coordinator (NPC)​
    Speak to the Training Coordinator​
    Complete Transport Training​
    Complete Terminal Training​
    Complete Economic Training​
    Complete Trading Training​
    Complete Item Type Training​
    Complete Teleporter Usage Training​
    Complete Visit the Training Grounds​

    IFN Hunting Instruction
    Obtained from:
    IFN Representative (NPC)​

    Speak to the IFN Hunting Instructor​
    Kill Halix and/or Oro (10)​
    Return to the IFN Hunting Instructor​

    PTech Mining Instruction
    Obtained from:
    PTech Mining Representative (NPC)​

    Speak to the PTech Mining Company Representation​
    Survey using any mining tool (20)​
    Return to the PTech Mining Company Representative​

    Starting Out - Learn about Entropia Economics
    Obtained from:
    Economics Guide (NPC)​

    Speak to the Economics Guide​
    Learn the Econmic Basics​

    Starting Out - Learn about Item Types
    Obtained from:
    Item Types Guide (NPC)​

    Speak to the Item Types Guide​
    Learn about the various Item Types​

    Starting Out - Learn about the Teleporter
    Obtained from:
    Teleporter Guide (NPC)​

    Speak to the Teleporter Guide​

    Starting Out - Learn about the Terminals
    Obtained from:
    Terminal Guide (NPC)​

    Speak to the Terminal Guide​
    Learn about Terminals​

    Starting Out - Learn about Trading
    Obtained from:
    Trading Guide (NPC)​

    Speak to the Trading Guide​
    Learn the Trading Basics​

    Starting Out - Meeting the Traning Area Gate Guard
    Obtained from:
    Training Area Gate Guard (NPC)​

    Speak to the Training Area Gate Guard​

    Starting Out - Training Weapon Collection
    Obtained from:
    Sergeant (NPC) - Obtained right after accepting Starting Out - Visit the Training Grounds​
    Collect your Training Longblade​

    Starting Out - Travel to a Firebase
    Obtained from:
    Local Exploration Guide (NPC)​

    Head to Repulse Firebase​
    Alternatively, visit any other Firebase​

    Starting Out - Vehicles and Transport
    Obtained from:
    Vehicle Guide (NPC)​

    Speak to the Vehicle and Transport Guide​
    Learn about Vehicles and Transport Options​

    Starting Out - Visit the Training Grounds
    Obtained from:
    Sergeant (NPC)​

    Speak to the sergeant at the Training Grounds​
    Attack the puny Carabok!​
  2. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Nice one Peter ... I really found the comprehensiveness of the training areas to be incredible. It's the same at the Relentless Firebase Academy, but haven't seen the training environment at Dependable or Implacable, which are the other two firebases I have so far.

    If I recall correctly, Dave said there would be 2 or 3 newbie areas to make sure that a server issue wouldn't put a new player into an area that didn't support beginners. This was a brilliant move on his part, and I love his second step mentality with how he approached developing his planet.

    Be interesting to see if there is one more base like this ... I found training at the 2 firebase TP's we were given at the start ... Relentless and Resolute.
  3. None of these have any reward, right?
  4. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    same question here, any missions with rewards? seen one from the blue dino.
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The only one that gave me a reward was the PTech Mining Instruction mission, which apparently yieds Perception. Judging from the wording, it does seem as if the INF hunting mission is supposed to give some reward as well, but if it does, I did not see a note in my log. I can check my log and screenshots again, though.
  6. khaos

    khaos DnB'addict

    I haven't found all the bases, but as far as I can see, the red spots on the map are newbie areas.
  7. John BD

    John BD Subwoofers rock.

    yup red blobby spots are all firebases consisting out of 2 teleporter each, the map currently has 50 total teleporters that are discovered so far (yes i got ehm all lol)

    the attack puny thingys is rewarded ahead by a gun worth 15 pec
    after the training missions u are lead to the fire base which contains the oro chalange rewarded by several skills for completing each stage (when i typed this was busy on stage 4 4800 oro mobs :D)
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