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    In April of this year, MindArk provided guidelines to Planet Partners for proper rebalancing of mission rewards. The key focus in doing so is to offer a fair, exciting and challenging experience for all Entropia Universe participants. This means that adequate and fair rewards are given for associated mission activities, and that all planets within Entropia Universe are in balance with each other when it comes to rewards provided by missions.

    Arkadia has completed the rebalancing process for the IFN Challenge Mission Rewards and has presented the details in a format that graphically depicts each challenge creature, as well as the data and rewards associated with each mission stage. Are you ready to prove yourself? Find the appropriate mission terminals and accept the challenge.


    An alphabetical photo listing of creatures associated with the IFN Challenge Missions, along with their rewards, can be found in the “EU Multi-Media” section at this site under “Photos” and in the Arkadia photo album. The graphical rendering of each challenge creature, along with the rewards data, was designed and created by Cyrus Chen, Arkadia’s Community Manager.

    The photos can be viewed in sideshow format, and you can slow the process down, speed it up, or stop it. By right clicking on a photo and choosing “Open image in new tab” you will get a larger graphic which makes reading the data easier.

    Click on “Slideshow” to view the photos.

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