Are MA/FPC able to run the game professional

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Valand, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Back to my point in this thread, how does you player feel for the main idea to force MA to be controlled as for example the swedish lottery comission. What supervice all lottery in sweden. This means that a lottery company can not fake anything. When the basic system are aproved it cant be changed.

    I know that this issue has been discussed some years ago and was also taken into controle if EU is a lottery or a game and unforternatly it was decided that its not a lottery and MA can continue as they do.

    How ever, the more i think of this matter i come to the conclusion, mentioned by others before, why not just quit playing the game. But my reason for discuss this is that i see so much more possible biz for MA in this and possibilities based on the RCE system what could make this game more then a game. Imagine a viritual biz center where you can meet your international biz partners in a viritual meeting room, wiev contracts, products and more. And also the option to close biz by dealing with money inside the system. Then we are into somthing much larger and creativ use of the system MA have. The game and the players should easy be able to keep the basic costs for the system and the biz part could be the profit part for MA instead. They have a uniqe possibility to do this but it looks like they are to greedy and have no patient to let this happend. They want heir profit NOW.

    The reason why i first aproached PE 4 years ago was to trade and marketing my jewelries through the game, for example by BPs and crafting. When you get a hof you will also get the real jewelry delivered IRL from us.

    But MA has not showed any interest to let this happend and now im only a player.

  2. There is no doubt its a fixed Casino with a unique platform. There is a lot of secrecy surrounding the "dynamics". This in itself invokes suspicion. I have always been convinced there are also PC geeks with bad peops skills, behind desktops, deciding who gets what, when and how, in real time in-game. Mabe not all the time, but certainly when serious gear is dropped.
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    Allows businesses have online meetings,show powerpoints and do visual presentations in realtime while on the cam or phone. Costs 19,95$ a month and you dont have to pay 3,65% transaction fee nor pay 100$ withdrawal fee or whatever it is now. MindArks platform is outdated and useless right now for business purposes like this
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    For a long while I played around with a similar idea ... and now I see it's taken .. bah! The platform sucks though :lolup:
  6. Yes im awear of that but its one example of how MA can wider their biz in the game and there is also more possibilities as they aproached NASA and other institutions and discusssed differnt services for them.
  7. OK i can imagine there is solutions out there allredy and if MA shold offer similar service they have to rearange some functions and cost in the games of course.
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  9. ROFLOL Ye! LMAO! Suppose Astronomy is seriously on the list, Hubbles Tellescope style in digital clarity! Funeh!:wise:
  10. I felt awesome watching that naked chick ride a pig in the gallery. When we speak about professionalism though,ponder bout this

    Why does MindArk promise so much in the press of stuff that never happens? For instance "2007 EU president Election" that Carl Uggla promised would happen or the fact that the art project in New Oxford was a complete failure and not even 30% of what was promised in the media
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    That's something that's been nagging at me as well.

    Not the same example, but when doing research for this site, I stumbled across an interview with MArco, when the CKi planet was discussed. Apparently, 15 million Chinese gamers were supposed to join us in 2007. CE2 was also supposed to kick in ages ago, and if you look into Next Island, you can see a history of shifting deadlines.

    Coming from the world of IT, I can relate to having a major backlog of required or "this would be cool" features, but damn, don't inform the press about it until it's well in progress, or just plain done.

    If I'd be making news articles about all the changes I want to make and all the stuff I plan on adding to this site, your heads would spin, and realistically, I only have so much time.

    With that said, we have some amazing new features coming up. Early January, you can book a trip to the ISS paid for by EPD. Also, in March, we will add the ability to travel through time, by logging into this site, and clicking your heels three times. After that, we will work on adding the "world peace" project, where YOU personally can click on a button that will ensure that world peace will take place faster, and global warming will be reduced.

  12. Hehehe shall we try to add all unfinished MA events and prommies here in a post?
  13. Mmmm can the server handle it?

  14. haha probably not *lol*
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  16. :cheer:Me love Nat! :love::wave::nutkick:
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    what interview was this, recent? in what sence is the prgrammer running the economy, was it designing or implementing the economy? i'd certainly expect the latter and would expect some involvement in the former any way (know what can be done, impact on servers etc).
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    Nat you have so much hate for the game and mindark. Why do bother putting yourself through the trouble. You are very bitter and your act is getting a bit old.

    So take your magazines and follow this link
    and enjoy your new planet.
  20. You dont wanna mess with her. Momma is the main alpha bitch of the entire wolf-pack and her pups love her. Go into your studio dude lock the door and have pretty thoughts, count sheep or somethin.
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