Anything new about this?

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  1. Is there anything new about this? I was going to ask how the capitalistic ideals of EU would fit into a Chinese-based planet, but now I am more curious in whether or not this is gonna get off at all.

    Any news?
  2. RAZER

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    What I know is that the guy that was responsible for the project died a while back and that since then the planet is on hold. MindArk stopped mentioning them as PP as well, so I guess we will not see a Chinese planet anytime soon.
  3. Yes, I read that in the other threads. That's too bad. China may not be my favorite country of all time, or of any time, or in the-near-future time, however, China contains a lot of people and it would indeed be beneficial for us all to get some of them into EU.
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    The planet will quite likely not come to EU anymore. The head of development and visionary of the project, Robert Lai, unfortunately passed away in 2008 iirc. It seems the project has been put on hold back then and since last year CRD is not listed as a planet partner anymore.

    EDIT: Aah, too slow, lol. I was looking for an interview with David Simmonds in which I think he confirmed the official number of planet partners, which back then was all we knew at that time minus CRD.
  5. It's too bad.
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    That's not to say in the future some other company or organisation may make a chinese planet. It's a possibility and one that with time will become more and more likely.
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    Uhm... it might be forbidden to talk about so just don't read this:

    We might see something Chinese from an existing planet partner with a live planet...
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    Last I heard from Mr Simmonds is that the partner mails they send out are still being received and read by the CRD team.
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    Nothing new to report on this, but I am a nut for information and thought I'd just look for some stuff I did not know about yet. Didn't find out much, but just some interesting stuff from a few years back. Will post below.
  10. RAZER

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    The man behind the planet, who dies on June 25th 2008

    Chief Scientist, Cyber Recreation District (Beijing)

    Robert Lai is the Chief Scientist for the Beijing China Recreation District (CRD), the China government’s largest digital media initiative, and the world’s most ambitious Virtual Worlds project.
    China is preparing for the future today by reengineering its infrastructure for business operations to include virtual world technologies such as those that we are learning about at this conference. We envision being able to use virtual world technologies to simulate business operations, environments, communities, as well as social interactions and collaborative education.

    The CRD project is looking for partners from all over the world, for infrastructure development, network connection, IDC, billing, settlement, CRM, banking services, and game platforms, as well as offering outsourcing services, e.g. graphic, localization, CRM, etc. CRD also use this infrastructure to offer virtual world products and service s from China to the rest of world through the ‘Dotman’ virtual worlds platform.
  11. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    some press release from 2007

    some more old news:
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