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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by EMW, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Good luck EMW!
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  2. Neverdie and Force are not Swedish, one source is here regarding ND:
    Force used to be in a relationship with my previous mentor - who just disappeared from the game after her and Force broke up. Force and ND are indeed close friends.

    Stryker is not swedish, but he knows some Swedish because he used to team a lot with a swedish friend of mine, who helped him by fapping him with imp (or mod) fap. Can't remember which fap exactly, but I have no doubt they trusted eachother to 150% and borrowed items in between them. Again, Stryker is not swedish, but has spent time with Swedes and learned some sentences and words.

    I'm nowhere close to their levels, and I have never been close to them.. But I do know that the ones I mentioned are NOT swedish except for the fapper, whos in game name I forgot and I do not want to put his RL name out here as I genuinly believe he has done nothing wrong, I don't even think he has been in warants ever due to lower skills and lower amount of peds.

    Edit: The avatars name who fapped Stryker very often came back to me just after posting, his name (female avatar) was/is Braxhona. Who doesn't play any longer.. Might log in just to avoid purge of the account every now and then, or to chat in game with friends.
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  3. Interesting things happen when I'm away...interesting read
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    First of all: sorry, I really didn't read your edited post, I got a screenshot of the unedited post in a private conversation, I never go PCF except in rare cases when someone requests me to have a look at a specific post. Good that I tagged you in my post so you got notified of it and we can discuss this and get closer to the truth :) But then it's weird that you ask me not to twist the facts when I actually tried to clarify completely unfounded allegations posted by you, which is a fact. Also changes in ownership didn't have any effect on these facts as no current or previous owner of EP made such a weird statement.

    No, they are wrong, and you actually confirm it by attributing what you don't like to "all the burned out pissed off people". They are individuals, they are not EntropiaPlanets. More info about what EntropiaPlanets is can be found in the EntropiaPlanets mission statement which also clearly states that "beyond this mission statement there is no such thing as an EntropiaPlanets policy, EntropiaPlanets agenda, EntropiaPlanets opinion or anything similar. Any statements made by its management, staff members, contributors, or users should be considered personal opinions and not that of the site itself." It's completely fine to criticize the actions of individuals but please not EntropiaPlanets collectively for the actions of individuals.

    Of course we let people stay, regardless their opinion about the game, we let people stay whining and ranting all the time just as we let people stay singing fanboy hymns of praise all the time. We don't just let people stay, we even encourage them to voice their opinions. And people rant about the game on EntropiaPlanets because their opinions are suppressed on other sites. Suppression of opinions is the method of the dictatorships, it's absolutely evil.

    I guarantee we do manage the site. We just don't suppress opinions that you don't like.

    Well, Planet Postmoderna, Planet Michael, the Universal Monsters planet, Theryon Wars and the CRD planet obviously were abandoned in early stages of development. Planet Cyrene seems to be eternally stuck in its soft launch phase. Next Island is dead, expect some efforts to exploit it as a huge LA. Not sure whether ROCKtropia has still planet status and NEVERDIE is a busy president of VR nowadays. Toulan obviously isn't developed anymore but at least still maintained somehow. So why don't most planets have any PPs anymore? ;) And MindArk pretty much refused to work with any site not run by a member of their buddy network. By the way, the last time we've managed to interview a nice MindArk employee totally in support of EU and the EU community it led into a disaster because he unintentionally suggested in the interview that MindArk had "borrowed" intellectual property from one of their partners to use it on their own planet while telling the partner it would not be possible to do and the MindArk employee actually confirmed in the interview that MindArk lied about it when confronted by the partner...
    It's of course a little unfortunate that planet partners have used EntropiaPlanets as a platform as long as they didn't have their own forums and now miss the opportunity to use EntropiaPlanets while at the same time spend resources on less efficient platforms and methods. And of course it's unfortunate that MindArk does not use EntropiaPlanets. But that's a fail in community management, not a fault of EntropiaPlanets.

    Again, you were the one posting completely made-up allegations in order to harm EntropiaPlanets and the credibility of people revealing MindArk's misconduct in this thread. That's a fact that did not change and you basically confirm that by twisting facts multiple times in your post here while accusing me and EntropiaPlanets in general of twisting the facts. I was not crying about what you said and I was not trying to make it sound like you were the bad person, I was actually trying provide the facts and background info about the situation and in this post I'm doing it again. I still like you and hope to see you on EntropiPlanets more often again :)
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  5. Seriously though, good luck in your endeavors outside of Entropia. If you come back someday we'll welcome you with open arms.
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  6. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

    ND is originally from the UK as far as i know, from city of Derby.

    As to whether or not some have insider info, over the years i played (played way back in PE for a while) there have been things that i have heard about and seen that have made me question things. I have no interest in going over the past but so many things have happened over time that I decided no smoke without fire and even if most were lies/misdirection it would be crazy to say all were.

    I enjoyed EU though in the time i played, and tbh tried to ignore the machinations of the drama.
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  7. I'm sorry but not going to start a long debate about this. Just that way back in 2014 or so I warned you of this. And you confirmed it as a problem. Fast forward a bit and look what you got? And yes sorry I don't have any screen shots or not going to search for it, but back then the domain owner was all pissed off about MA and stated that the only reason he had this site was because of what I just stated. I was even backing you up stating that many good people were working hard on this site and that he should just sale the domain and get on with his life. Of course I see he came back saying that he supports this game 100% yet hates MA at the same time. Stop and think about that for a bit. But yes, NotAdmin I did laugh at that.

    And yes you are right. But at the same time if you are going to keep this site so open to all then you will have to live with what MA will do. You can't cry about why MA no longer supports you.
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  8. The full vod of EMW's stream
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  9. ohh
    I didn't say they lived in Sweden but were all swedes afaik. Except Force ofc --I never knew him.
  10. Liu


    What a thread ! God damn it ! Phew !
    It is reassuring and sad to read such things which I easily can believe are all true.
    Back in the past, like 10 years ago or more we all were laughing about having a Swedish IP brings good loots....we were still far from the truth even though we already assumed everything was biased here.
    Sad, sad, sad. At least, Mc Cormick, I'm glad you made it out safe and sound. Hope you are all doing good. Sadder even, is to see what they did to Project Entries, which was, indeed, a very nice project.

    Kind regards,

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  11. I preserve history and say what I feel. :)
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  12. Never seen admin crying about it...because, what kind of support are you talking about ? Hu ?!
    MA turned into a big glas filled with silence and some brain farts...
  13. Well I saw now on pcf that the Chinese has attacked them and now they are in maintenance... lol
    I'm off topic but still :lolup:
  14. i see, i just saw you replied on the Account Banned thread, but didn't get to read it
  15. Wtf happened to that link!?

    This is the url of the stream
  16. Wow, interesting story - missed all the fun!

    GL EMW in your future!

    Makes me think - is anything I do in game really help me (eco) or am I bounded by some invisible settings no matter what I do...
  17. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Seems like Twitch has changed something again, fixed it.
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  18. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Except that exists only in your head...
  19. But there is no hair raising story in the video (?) sound at all ?

    I thought there was more then the skalman-peel story ?
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