Anyone remember these threads?

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by EMW, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. i heard he got a perma ban because he was speaking on behalf of another permabanned member of pcf and this circumvention got him the ban
  2. In honor of our fallen EMW hero


    Take care of yaself buddy!
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  3. GeorgeSkywalker

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    That would be EMW. However, EMW stated he requested to be removed from pcf. I think I read that earlier in this thread.

    Basically it's a mechanism to silence anything EMW said on pcf or on here. True Juan I'm guessing linked this thread or posts in this thread on pcf. I wouldn't say that's speaking on behalf of a banned member just referencing the post(s). It's a pretty harsh treatment for True Juan, I'm pretty sure if someone had referenced some other member whose been banned but didn't have anything incriminating MindArk or other officials wouldn't be perma banned. Probably cases of such in past...
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  4. GeorgeSkywalker

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    hmm looks like an alt account made specifically to insult EMW i.e. new member with no post history except this post...
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  5. I even quoted EMW in that thread - didn't link any thing, but I removed all names.

    That had my post edited and removed, I didn't get perma banned... O.o

    so I went back and said something along the lines "He stated on a different forum that he is fine so do not worry, but please if you can check on him to make sure"

    EMW, if you by any means are reading this, I wish you all the best and I hope you are fine as you stated here.

    You made mine, and many other peoples evening/week/year that evening, with both happiness and sadness at the same time.

    Reading about this all has been an eye opener... Thank you for sharing, Thank you for standing up like this and having the courage.

    //Chairman whatwouldjesusdo Edgewise
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  6. Tass

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    On PCF refering to this thread some claims have been made by @OZtwo to which I quickly want to reply to :)

    One claim by OZtwo was that the owner of EntropiaPlanets has stated that the site is only kept up to keep people away from EU. [edit: he later edited the post as he was unaware of changes in the management of EntropiaPlanets but these actually do not change the facts] As one of the co-owners of EntropiaPlanets I can only say that this is not the case. None of us made such a statement. And the site is kept up in support of EU and the EU community.

    If any of us really wanted to hurt MindArk there would be many and much better options, from mild to devastating, and as this thread is about favoritism/nepotism/corruption let me add that "mild" would be starting with plastering the site with ads for EVE Online as we in fact have been accepted into EVE Online's affiliate program 15 minutes after applying, while MindArk ignores our requests regarding Entropia Universe's affiliate program for ~5 years. Obviously it's reserved for people in MindArk's buddy network, even if they have to build suitable content from scratch after an "invitation" to the program by MindArk, and then spam their links in comments under an article written by one of EntropiaPlanets' co-owners for a bigger MMO gaming site to promote Entropia Universe...

    Another claim by OZtwo was that EntropiaPlanets has been an anti-EU forum in the last few years. That is not the case either. As outlined in our mission statement EntropiaPlanets is a pro-EU and pro-community site. As a matter of fact it's more pro-community than any other EU related community site, for example because all content created on EP is community content under a free culture compatible license while afaik all other so-called "community" sites are commercial operations claiming ownership of the content the community contributes.

    Also as a matter of fact EntropiaPlanets in total has less negativity and whining and more facts-based information than PCF has. EntropiaPlanets just does not have as many EU gameplay threads as the majority of the community prefers to post them on other forums for whatever weird reasons. One of these reasons is certainly MindArk's decade-spanning favoritism, constantly promoting PCF owned by 711, one of the guys in the Warrants society and MindArk's buddy network discussed in this thread, while at the same time constantly and continuously hampering community sites like EntropiaPlanets, although at any point in its existence EntropiaPlanets had the more modern software, more features, higher output of articles (even magazines), higher production values in general, and was much more community orientated.

    It also should be noted that the impression that EntopiaPlanets has more threads criticizing MindArk is a result of PCF banning this kind of criticism while EntropiaPlanets allows much of it. Consequently this criticism is posted on EntropiaPlanets and many people contributing to this criticism on EntropiaPlanets unfortunately do reserve their more positive contributions for other sites. It's extremely unfortunate that EntropiaPlanets while keeping high ethic standards has to suffer from the lack of these in PCF/MindArk.

    In the end EntropiaPlanets will be what the community makes of it, and in that respect no contribution is a negative contribution too ;)
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  7. San


    I admit guilt. EPF these days serves as a sanctuary for those who run at loggerheads with the PCF "government", often is only discovered after such an occurrence. On the other hand, since MA officially monitors it, it is the place to leave feedback and suggestions you would like to make their way into the game, knowing the outreach can be more powerful than a support case. All the other volume is mostly the endless ping-pong of trigger and response. It's not so easy to escape its gravity. Sometimes I think it is even a good thing that 'tatorheads and associated characters have their gathering space while those who know the value (and responsibility) of freedom have their own. Individualists are minorities in every society, per nature and per definition. But this is leading o/t now...

    I never knew EMW. I somehow managed to miss the grand finale despite having been present on Caly as well as here. Duh... but I would feel uneasy about having accepted money under such circumstances, so maybe better this way. I also don't want to judge by what is written here or elsewhere, so hard to discern what is fact, perception, or opinion. We'll see if this has wider consequences, one way or another. I wish him all the best.

    Personally, I am not done with the game yet as so many jaded oldtimers, but I have my reservations about the desirability of making it "to the top". The air is thin on every summit, and you have to become a pig at some point when there is competition. The happenings OP described are consequences of that rooted in human nature, whether all details of the above are true or not. I do not consider anything I put into the game an "investment", at least not in a financial sense despite its RCE features. But then, if you learned how the term "to cyprus" got into vernacular, nothing in this world is an investment anymore. Don't worry, be happy and consume.
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  8. i guess most of us aren't worried, but rather disappointed and a bit hopeless. it's not like mindark ever changed how they work or react, or what kind of stuff they deliver.

    i still remember 2014, when we could read following:
    Mr. Moreau offered the following view on his new role:
    "As CEO of MindArk, I will focus on improving our communication with participants and
    taking advantage of their valuable feedback to make Entropia Universe a more
    entertaining and engaging universe. A place where Entropians are eager to play,
    socialize, invest and entertain themselves. Toward that goal, MindArk will also prioritize
    improving the stability of the Entropia Universe client and platform, and delivering a
    quality product.”

    i wonder if mindark is really proud about the quality of their products, and their improved communication. at least it seems to improve, and it doesn't take ages, does it? :kos:
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  9. lol @theProphet ... that is comedy gold right there :D
    improving their communication? there is no (!) communication :DD
    and EU is the only game that makes my CPU hot enough to permently have the fans running at max speed. i can play gta5 on ultra or pretty much any other uptodate game on max settings without that happening... the code is horrible
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  10. well looks like you are the chosen one. when i make a support ticket i usually wait a week minimum before first response. and 50% of my tickets never get a response.
    on one ticket i got my first response from them after 14 months. then they told me they need further information so i provided them with these information. that was another 4 months ago now... kinda lost all hope on it even though i lost money thansk to a bug from MA. its Aakas 04 instance that wasnt completable as a door after half the instance wouldnt open. so key cost lost, ammo and decay lost and lots of time n buffs lost. they could just disable that instance or fix that damn bug or at least give any kind of info but they didnt.
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  11. NotAdmin

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    I saw the same thing, and pondered replying as well, but at the time I had better things to do than address some troll with an agenda. But seeing you've commented, and I have a few minutes to spare right now, I might as well do the same.

    I honestly don't think I have ever made such a statement. EP was never about keeping people away from EU, but rather intended to provide an open source alternative to other MA-influenced or MA-controlled forums. EP was meant to provide people with the ability to do their own research, and cut through the marketing bullshit and/or censorship, should they so choose to do so.

    Everyone involved in EP has invested lots money and especially time into the site, and if our sole intention was to damage MA, it'd be a very expensive way to do so. Me making such a statement as claimed would have instantly ruined all the efforts and investments by anyone who ever did anything for EP, and while I really don't care for MindArk, I value the time and efforts made by people far too much to jeopardise those efforts with such reckless comments.

    As for OZtwo, I highly doubt that the latest revaluations from EMW and others will make any difference to his perception of the game. That's fine by me. I frankly don't give a toss what he thinks. Fact of the matter is that in case someone wants to see what happens behind the scenes, EP offers them the possibility to do exactly that.
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  12. i wrote an email to mr. moreau some days ago, he didn't answer ... he's my new improved mindark hero now :bigsmile:

    but ofc, please tell me a single reason why he should answer me?
  13. and my opinion about entropiaplanets can be reduced to one thing:

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  14. I was in Warants from about 2009 to 2015 and never met with any other soc member
    neomaven = Swedish afaik , Skalman definitely Swede, Stryker definitely Swede, Neverdie Swedish afaik , Force -I have no clue never met
    This doesn't seem odd knowing they were all Swedish
    so for the years i was in warrants , this all sounds shocking- its something I've never seen. I cant say much about what EMW is saying because I was on break mostly for the short period he was in warrants. My only memories of this situation are EMW complaining that Skal made him buy better gear to be in the society and then Skalman decided to take a break and not play. EMW gave his rant in soc chat and left the society - cleared his friend list. I didn't see any indication that Skalman had any influence in the game as society hunts were always bad loot like everyone else was getting. I can see the skepticism, as its always there. I give Kudos to Mindark for the great job of keeping the game legitimate!
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  15. Please don't be as the current media is today and twist the facts. Sad to read really. But you left out the part, (omg get this:) where I said I AM SORRY. Yes soon after the first post (15 mins later after being contacted - in case you want to say you didn't see the edited version since you did post a few days after it was posted) I updated it to say that I was out of date and was wrong about the current owners of the site. But yes you couldn't add that could you?

    And sorry but all other claims are true. Why you don't have any PP or MA here any more since you don't manage the site and for the most part let all the burned out pissed off people stay to rant about the game all the time. Which in the past, and still now is sad because you have put a LOT of great work into this site. This is one of the best sites out there for information. If you want this site to be put back in the green light and even get that ccode then I suggest you either manage the forum or simply remove it. Until then live with the facts. But please, don't twist them -- again why MA left you..facts seem to love to be twisted here as you very well pointed out crying about what I said yet not telling the full story to make it sound like I was the bad person.

  16. Everything(!) gets "filtered" by David William Simmonds. Thats why you wont get an answer.
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  17. Hold your horses manic :O

    You either try to be sarcastic or really dont know these people..or you arent manic.

    Neomaven = Jason Peterson (US citizen)
    Neverdie = John Jacobs (US citizen)
    Force = one of Neverdies best IRL friends (check his music videos if you dare) (US citizen)
    James Jimmy Stryker = forgot real name (US citizen)...but for sure someone here will rememeber it

    The only swedish guy here is Skalman aka. Rickard Stuhlhofer
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  18. Come on, MA is nowhere. Seriously.

    And ranting is not allowed on "the other forum". So dont blame this forum. :p
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  19. NotAdmin

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    I more read your post as a dig at me, but also EP in general. Who currently runs it is pretty irrelevant, really, when someone spouts the kind of unfounded nonsense you did.

    As for why MA doesn't post here? Why would they? They lurked here, but never actively posted, barring perhaps an odd post here or there. But their primary activity always has been on the site of their buddy who first bought the forum, and then sold it on to them. I guess the reason they do not post here is because they know they will not have any leverage and/or power to get things they do not like censored or removed.

    As for why other PPs don't post here anymore? They either have their own forums, their planet/project folded, or they found the systems needed to launch their planet put on the backburner because MA suddenly decided they wanted to launch a mobile game instead.

    Very little of any of that has anything to do with this forum, its management, or the contents of this forum. All of that only is in your head.

    If any of the PPs took offence to any content on EP, they have my contact details. I'd expect them to reach out. They haven't (I am in touch with some of them, on a quite regular basis, but no one mentioned anything). Again, it's all in your head.
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