Anyone remember these threads?

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by EMW, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Thanks for dishing the dirt EMW, fascinating stuff.

    I've just started following you on Twitch in order to watch the 'big reveal'.

    Is there some sinister reason why the CLD price is so high do you know? Whenever I log in there is hardly anyone online.

    Since reading your post I'm starting to question lots of things...what is real and what is manipulated?
  2. Amazing. Thank you for posting. Now I know why I lost 12k ped in 8 days on.... have no clue on what :)
    In total I lost 8k$ in 10 months of playing, 7k boxes not even ONE imp ring.... etc... and I know a lot of other players like me....
    Meh .... <- had no clue how to add pictures :)
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    Welcome to EP :) It's easy, just drag and drop them into the box where you write posts. Alternatively there's a "Upload a File" button below that box just next to the "Post Reply" button. Uploading files to a "gallery" and then embedding them in a post was 2 software generations ago ;)
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  4. i am dumb.... wanted try upload files ;) and made the post, at least added the answer :)

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  5. the question is: who is 'we' and who is 'participants'?
    is 'we' the support case handlers, and 'participant's, those who are not befriended with someone at MAHQ?
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  6. Well for sure can be one thing: If ANY of us would have such a game and some friends ..... they will give anything good to friends :))) and some bones to the rest of players. That is just human nature. So if there is a group with strong relation to MA that loot almost all uber items that's the reason and it is very plausible. And not to forget how all the skills were made in the past: trapping hogglos and areanatrox and hunted with man-mph + A106 ..... skilled fap on bugs .... etc.... Put ANY of the "ubers" skill and play from 0 nowadays.... will be only crying noobs and quiters ... Meh.... short story hard life and game :))))
  7. Untitled_3.jpg


    I could add a lot of info to this thread but....
    I just let you wonder who is the <insulting words for an obese not so smart person, edited by a moderator> behind this avatar (it was so easy for me to figure out)...
    *who would you be without your father and his society....*

    EDIT : I just realise that his gallery pics have been removed/deleted.
    I had the power to delete pics as I was "moderator", at least for the Bestiary section.
    You can see here that this "member" have the power to do it too.
    But he is not a member like all others, that's clear.
    Too bad I saved all pics he uploaded at this time :).​
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  8. 5 criminals 1 table ;D
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  9. narfi

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    Well let's lay off the tinfoil a little..... anyone can remove or modify their own pictures. That takes no special powers.
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  10. True, but the reason for taking pics offline are...different... ;D
  11. ive made a post on pcf this morning about proposing a strike to end the shady business that MA is doing and to force them to change the exploitable stuff like loot waves and improve their communication.
    looks like pcf is definitely MA controlled as the thread was deleted after around 1 hour. looks like they have so much shit behind the curtains that everyone who raises valid points or solutions has to be shut down immediately. this just shows how far this company has into the chaotic evil mindset.
  12. Strikes never worked in Entropia xD

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  13. well... the times were definitely better then as they are now... so maybe it did help ;-)
  14. This thread has actually sadden me. This level of exploit. I take long breaks but always have kept a love for the game. Now I look back when I first played and after I told my brother the concept of the game, his first thoughts were, "what if the entire company is pulling off one big scam" I told him, no way! This was back in 2006.

    I always had nostalgic moments when seeing those "legendary" names like skalman and Stryker. Now I'm just thinking, should I finally quit for good? And to help with all those big name EU players!

    Doesn't seem like anyone can hold Mindark accountable considering the country they live in and the amount of actual proof and testimony we need to get any kind of justice from this type of fraud. Maybe it's in their ToS or EULA that they are allowed to pass out items (outside of announced events) and inside information to certain EU players........

    Me losing my money in Entropia cause I decided to do a gamble hunt or just occasional slumps is one thing. But now having this knowledge in my head while I play, how could I ever think i'd be able to turn tt profit even at level 100....My dumb ass was just feeding this corrupt system so the few can withdraw money out over and over.

    No wonder my bank locks my card whenever I make a deposit. I guess they are trying to save me from a fraudulent purchase.

    This has been one of those posts where you say, ignorance is bliss, and wish I never came across this post lol

    Who wants to buy my gear and skills ? :)
  15. I'll take you cld and aud for their roi while you are on strike. ;)
  16. i sold all of those. the peak reached and now it will only go down. keeping them is very risky right now.
  17. It seems there are no offline videos of the "big reveal" stuff ?

    Or did I missunderstand something ? What exactly did I miss on twitch at weekends ? :O

    Its frightening to SEE how many 2006 avatars got already banned on the other forum...just browsed there today because of Ace Flysters post...not sure if it was sarcasm or a MA fan posting...but I realized another 2006 guy got banned today "True Juan".
  18. EMW


    No mate not missed anything, it was more complicated to do what i am going to do than i initially thought, I will tell you what my original plan was when i sort it out and you will understand why its taking a little while! Its not a reveal per se, it will hopefully show how serious I am etc etc
  19. EMW


    Will make my final ever post later tonight and explain the delay too!
  20. i hope if there is a video it will be available on demand as well and not only live because id like to see it but the time zones differ too much :/
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