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Another oldtimer banned (Alina) - in an epic way ;D

Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by McCormick, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. When also Darkaruki wanted to make clear, that it is not acceptable to have "large amounts of negativity" *lol* on the other forum, when Mindark fucks the community even harder...the 1st reply already nailed it... x'D

    Of course the forum would be a better place without negativity aka. "the truth"...but maybe he should have written Mindark 1st :

    "Hey, could you please stop fucking around with your loyal patrons ?
    That is not acceptable conduct on PlanetCalypsoForum !"

    Another oldtimer has left the other forum...poor Darkaruki hits the fan(boys)...

  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Use a product, accept the rules, follow the rules.

    We dont have to like it, but it is our choice, if we choose otherwise we also choose the consequences.
  3. Actually, negativity isn't really the issue, it's aggressive and vulgar behavior, and he deliberately replied with a vulgar response as a show that he did not respect the reminder I issued, but if you somehow care enough to make this thread but not enough to actually read what I wrote that's fine, I guess, I can re-iterate it here.

    It's fine for people to be happy or unhappy about something, it's fine for them to express that, as long as they do so in a reasonable manner.
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  4. I hope this is a permanent ban.
  5. Ok, 1st of all, this is nothing personal between you and me.

    I dont want to post on the other forum anymore, hence I asked for self deactivation back then.
    For the very same reasons, why there is now a lot of negativity and vulgarity.

    Sadly, I dont know what Alina posted.

    But while I agree that "I hope you die in a car accident" and/or "I hope your mom dies of cancer" are for sure not appropriate ways of communicating (online), these phrases show up in many, many online games, even inside of Entropia.
    And its not always the 12 years old gamer.

    Some simply call them trolls...others get easily offended. But there are times, when mature discussions run out of the rudder and sometimes end up into gruseome bar fights / street fights / massacres / wars etc.
    Keeping in mind, most PCF users ARE indeed mature. And they DO only have this anonymous forum.

    I mean, do I really have to explain it like this ?

    You tried to tame a mob, by saying it is not right what they are doing. Kudos for that. But this mob got raped for years and got lied to a f*cking lot ! That they always choose to stay, doesnt mean they cant become the Hulk one day...just saying.

    You choose to stay there as well. Live with the consequences.

    Following the recent fails, I think we are way beyond the tip of the iceberg by now...and while I still think you are one of the good guys, I also do think that your reminder got posted at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong words. Or to put it with the words of MindArk "Your taming attempt has failed"...congratulation !

    A lot of negativity and vulgarity finally showed up...for a reason, because proper communication fails since 2009 !
    Because the community gets lied to, again and again and again, since 2009 !
    How else shall these people show that on a anonymous online forum, after all the praying and begging fails/failed...since 2009 !
    No word by Mindark.

    While I understand, that it was your best intentions...I think the saddest part is, that YOU (had to) post(ed) such an attempt, while its clearly Mindarks duty...but hey, I have experienced this shit since 2009...and who knows what would have happened, if David Simmonds / The new CEO / Jan Welter Timkrans would have posted, what you did. *lol*

    Yet alone the wall of texts that I often post(ed), should already clearly show, how important the whole situation became by now and that this is not just about a simple online game with some bugs & glitches anymore, that people enjoy to forget about their everyday life.

    Chill, everything will smooth out already in january and the loyal patrons will start to deposit again, no matter what kind of rape attempt Mindark plans next...thats how it works. And the loyal patrons love it. Just this time it was the straw the broke the camels back...enjoy.

    Imagine, I would have posted the following instead:
    "Wow, fuck you, for beeing just another puppet of Mindark."

    Our discussion would have ended, but I enjoy entering discussions and hear different opinions about Mindark and the way they handle their products and their customers.
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  6. McCormik my comment had something to do with MindArk and their lack of professionalism lately. Those new employees can;t do their job right at all. So all i said "they deserve the negativity, end of story" someone felt butthurt.

    Dude you are one of those guys that played a long fucking period and its still at low level. Whats my problem ? You should stfu since you have 0 experience. I like trolling a lot but sometimes im sick of the stupidity on that forum. There is this fucking group that thinks they are the best since they played free to play and everyone who deposited is a loser and they only lose money. If you live in East Europe its better then a salary (for a normal job). So i always had friends who were and making like 1500-3000$ per month, 2007 i had a friend who were making 5000$ montly playing this stupid game, i wont say anything about me but all the time when i told a guy in this game that he is playing bad or he is doing something wrong they all started hating me. Just because we didn't agree on something you will remember for your entire life...pathetic.
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  7. narfi

    narfi Lost

    That is one of the problems, I agree.
    The other problem is the group that thinks that they are the best because they deposit so they are better than everyone and they deserve 'more'.

    Both sides act like entitled brats and fail to understand the full complexity of the game.

    Neither side 'deserves' anything, neither side is 'better' than the other. It is as simple as that, both sides are made up of actual human beings, and should be respected as such.
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  8. i wonder if the board of directors understands our perceived complexity of the game ... and then i stop wondering and drink beer again, as it probably makes more sense ... cheers :beer:
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  9. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    What one should not forget is the fact that the community including the people banned from PCF is paying overprized premium rates for the mere existence of PCF. It's not enough that the community already paid an overprized sum for MindArk's purchase of the content created by the same community. Maybe that's something that should be considered in MindArk's policy of banning people, the people are paying twice for it, for content they've created themselves...

    @Darkaruki So you are banning people from PCF, a forum they pay for, possibly twice, for what you consider "vulgar" in maybe a handful of possibly 100s or even 1000s of their posts. You are doing so voluntarily, without getting paid. The admin of the forum is getting paid, premium rates, for doing almost nothing, and that admin happens to be a liar, cheater, scammer and notorious rulebreaker. What's your personal stance regarding this? Don't you find that "vulgar" too? If not, isn't that a little bit hypocritical? Banning people for voicing opinions in sometimes a vulgar way about a product they pay premium rates for while volunteering as a minion for a liar, cheater, scammer and notorious rulebreaker? (No offense. I too think you are a good guy :) )
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  10. Thanks @Alina for looking by. Even if it was only for those 2 posts.

    "they deserve the negativity, end of story"

    Holy sh!t, what a wall of vulgarity & negativity... ;D

    Anyway, everything has been said more then a dozen times by now.

    Great post @Tass !
    I guess @Darkaruki ist NOT aware of 711^Neomaven^Vixen Incarnate^Jason Peterson.
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  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The board of directors are the same people who have been running this failtrain for years. Timkrans, Ssimmonds, and some other old-timers with their heads stuck up their asses. I wouldn't expect any miracles from these people, as it's the same incestuous clique that brought the game and MindArk to where they are now.

    They never saw reason to hold their ever-failing developers accountable. They haven't seen any reason to invest in the game, but rather okayed compet, the ICO, and all other epic fails.
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  12. On my personnal side, I have seen during the years Alina beeing a forum troll, an arrogant rich idiot, and a big pile of shit.

    Recently I was playing in peace with a friend, received a pm from alina where after too much time wasted with him talking in the vaccum and too much hot words, I ended our chats saying :

    2018-12-05 14:36:55 [TO : Stoica Alina Alina] I was telling THE TRUTH - if you dont understand english go to school, and fuck you.
    Then I ignored him and went back playing

    Please stay on PCF, we dont need silly narrow-minded cops on EP.
  13. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Everyone is welcome here. Every opinion deserves to be heard. It's fine to disagree but even when you disagree you should encourage people to voice their opinions. We embrace free speech but please let's try to stay classy. As a general approach maybe try to treat people on a forum just like you treat people face-to-face in real life situations.
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  14. Let see here:
    - troll agree
    - rich hell no lol
    - pile of shit (told you if dont like this game why you still waste your time with it , your first answer was "fu"), i really dont understand this drama with some players, one game its getting boring just move on forget about it.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2018
  15. How can you forget about a game, that is always in the news like :
    "Woah, I never heard of Entropia before, tell me about it..." x'D

    There arent many games out there, with such an incompetent "developer"...spreading lies, failing...scamming...Entropia is truly unique here.
    Its like an amusement park on fire...and they are building new attractions, while the fire follows them...you cant really look away, can you ?

    What a show...
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  16. I was talking about you, and not about the game.
    So if you do not have the necessary between the ears to understand what people talk with you,
    then just STFU and get a brain.

    After that, who cares about what you think ?
    Mind your own business, let people play in peace the way they want,
    and If I fogot to tell this to you.... fuck you.
  17. yes there were over the years some thing i didn't like i even took a break because of those but im here doing great :)
  18. OooOOoooOOOoooOOoooo...no negativity please !

    These problems are so 2004...you are 14 years late...thanks for trying though...

    darkaruki grammar 2019.

    And on top of it... x'D

    darkaruki grammar 2019 spawn lol.

    Enjoy the original at :


    Wouldnt it be great, to have "different" deeds ? I mean, truly different ?! So easy...
    But yes...it will never happen...and you know why...because its an incompetent developer, that fired all of its creative people.

    The game is there...and they do rest now...because YOU let them !

    Last edited: Dec 29, 2018

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