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    There had been a rumor floating around the universe that Neverdie finally sold off the remaining real estate that is Club NEVERDIE. Like any good reporter, I contacted Neverdie to either confirm that this was just a rumor, or that indeed the rest of Club NEVERDIE had been sold.


    Neverdie confirmed that he did sell off the remainder of Club NEVERDIE, but that’s all he offered in his response. So, persistent as I am, I quickly wrote back and asked if he would consider giving up the details for an EntropiaPlanets front page story. Since you are reading this, obviously he was gracious enough to be accommodating, and I thank him much for the opportunity to share this news with the Entropian community.


    Neverdie sold the remaining 7 domes, plus the stadium, the mall, the club, etc. to John Foma Kalun - also known as pesok at the forums. John was to be the original buyer, but there were delays, and Neverdie shares that John was in some sort of auto accident (hope he's doing well now), so he (ND) decided to break up the sale.

    John already owned a dome, so add this to the final purchase, which gives him 8 domes in addition to the other stuff, along with naming rights, and the total purchase price comes to $335,000 USD. Neverdie sold the other 12 domes for a total of $300,000 USD, for an overall total asteroid sale price of $635,000 USD.

    Neverdie will retain the rights to the Club NEVERDIE name, so we have a new asteroid name to look forward to when John gets to it, if it is not already in the works. I have not tracked down John as of yet, but the EP Media Team is working on getting an exclusive interview with John so that we can bring you his perspective as soon as possible.


    Here are the owners of all of the domes on the asteroid:​
    · Dome 1 – Joe Jeff xXSquallXx
    · Dome 2 – Mary Mary Jane
    · Dome 3 – Freyr – (see note below)
    · Dome 4 – Minken Minken Forsberg
    · Dome 5 – Michael Ketch Arcanum
    · Dome 6 – Joe Jeff xXSquallXx
    · Dome 7 – Vlad Vlad Banokin
    · Dome 8 – John Foma Kalun
    · Dome 9 – Skoker Shoe Sverpan
    · Dome 10 – John Foma Kalun
    · Dome 11 – Joe Jeff xXSquallXx
    · Dome 12 – John Foma Kalun
    · Dome 13 – Schema
    · Dome 14 – Daniel Rejman Sahlin
    · Dome 15 – Joe Jeff xXSquallXx
    · Domes 16-20 – John Foma Kalun
    Note: The last post by Neverdie in his CND sales thread at the PlanetCalypsoForum indicated that Dome 3 with Freyr’s name after it was on hold, so not sure whether this dome is still on hold, or whether the sale has officially gone through as of yet.​

    When the domes started being sold off, I had contacted each of the new dome owners to get some information in order to write an article a while ago at EP, but never received responses from all of the new dome owners, so that article was placed on hold. Perhaps we can still accomplish this in the future sometime and bring you more information about the individual owners, other then xXSquallXx who has already been showcased as the first dome owner here.

    Congratulations to John as the new owner of the asteroid. We wish you much success.

    So ... anyone have any good names in mind?

    Further information:
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  2. NotAdmin

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    I wikified the latest developments for Club NEVERDIE, which now would officially have reclaimed its earlier title of "most expensive virtual object" from "Crystal Palace", which was bought for 3,000,000 PED (USD 300,000) by Buzz Erik Lightyear last year.
  3. and once again i read it here first, keep up the good work!!

    As long as the new place isn't named after an avatar everything is fine with me :)

    But seeing since he split up the sale into seperate parts i think it shouldn't qualify as the biggest sale for a single item.
  4. MindStar9

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    But it does though ... because John bought the "asteroid" ... and regardless of whether some of the domes are owned by other individuals, the total purchase price of $335,000 USD for the asteroid, which includes 8 domes, the stadium, the mall, the club, etc. - is $35,000 USD more than what Buzz paid for Crystal Palace - so, it definitely qualifies.

    And thank you Peter for updating the CND Wiki page - E-Team at work again ... YOU JUST CAN'T BEAT IT! :clap:
  5. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Interesting developments...
  6. RAZER

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    So If this indeed means that CND is again the number 1 virtual item ever sold, should this not be send to some other websites to??

    And indeed I hope that CND will not be named after the one who bought it, that would be JFK and maybe a bit weird :D
  7. ND seems to have a knack at making good deals :) Gratz to the new owner and hope he'll be succesfull
  8. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    And we have a member of TDO owning a dome :yay:
  9. Force Majeure

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    Force Majeure
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  10. Ozi

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    Well done to the EP news team on another exclusive.

    Also congratz to John Foma Kalun on his purchase.
  11. EwoK

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    Good Article once again MS9. Gratz to JFK for the purchase...depending on what happens there, i might put forward a motion to reopen our shop.......time will tell
  12. TimUnleashed

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    GZ ND!

    btw, the E-Team Rocks!
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