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Ancient Greece revive bug fixed!

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Manny, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. New client available for download

    To solve the issues at the Death Caves in Ancient Greece, we have now deployed a client-side patch. The download will commence as soon as you launch or restart your client.

    Originaly posted here
  2. Good to know! Lets home everyone gets out safely :)
    I think the air in the caves were effecting some of them :)
  3. Ohhh when I get home I may have to take a quick trip to greece with my herb kit before I go to mexico on vacation tomorrow hehehe
  4. Just so everyone is aware this is not an old bug this one was very different than the design flaw I spotted before so its not an known issue they did not bother fix its just a new bug that slipped through and I am impressed how quickly it was fixed ^.^

    Please all remember this is a very new type of system having another world through a time gate that functions different than our old time TP's and some glitches will happen.

    I for one have been looking forward to going back to Greece very much so.

    Meeeeg do I get my crystals now? I never did get them >^.^<
  5. Thank you to the pioneers who died and were trapped in Ancient Greece's Underworld.

    Thank you to NI/MA team for the bug fix.

    We can now move to Next Island and visit Ancient Greece :)

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