An In-Depth Analysis of Island-Specific Linguistical Development

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    A Second-Wave arrival, T. Edward Dominic, has delivered a paper on Next Island language. Now he's looking for island residents to tell him about other NI language.

    Read his paper here: An In-Depth Analysis of Island-Specific Linguistical Development | Next Island Dev Blog

    Leave a reply with a piece of Next Island specific language. How do Islanders express excitement? What does it mean to call someone a big papoo? What does an Islander say when he's offered a bad trade?

    Winning on this one is odd. There is a small PED prize -- 50PED apiece for the top two words by August 31st -- but anyone and everyone who submits a word and definition (and clever etymology!) could find that word in future NPC dialogue.

    Good luck!
  2. hmmm, i will not be "Rupping" anytime soon on NI..... this is not where the attention needs to be placed.... how about something economy related, or a honest no BS assessment of the current situation?
  3. Hi Meg, I have entered a couple of comments, which are awaiting moderation, but I seem to have entered them as comments to the post on nextislandnews rather than on the blog, silly me. Is it possible for you to move them over or do I need to re-enter them on the correct page?
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    I completely confused. (meg, your blog is very difficult to read)
  5. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Ok, moved!
  6. "Update coming next week, do you think there will be any of the needed NI updates?"
    Response "Don't hold your breath"

    Seriously don't you guys have something better to be doing then these little social contests? Everytime you guys spend time on something like this it is spitting in the face of everyone who is trying to help NI until the content we need is released. How long does Mr. Post think we will hang around, spending our own money to make up for his delays? We all beleive in NI, but it's really starting to look like the NI team is focusing in all the wrong directions. Selling an incomplete product to new users, attempting to promo through social media, a sea that NI will get lost in without enough people behind it, and you can't get people behind it when they try it and see it's incomplete, these are users you guys have brought in, then lost forever, they wont be back to try NI when it is complete. You guys have to hunker down and get the job done, then you can spread your focus and time out. Right now you guys are months behind, short handed and if Davids relentless search for investors is any indication, running out of money.
    No where in the world do you get paid for an incomplete project, complete the project, then aim at selling it. I mean honestly, if I built a house but it was just sheated and nothing more, do you really think I could sell it? The longer it sits unfinished, the more money it would cost me, at some point it would have reached a point of costing more then it would be worth when finished. This is what is happening with NI right now. It's sitting there unfinished, costing money, but it can't be sold to recoup those costs.
  7. it's cool that NI is getting all hooked up with social media and stuff. But it will serve to raise awareness of a product (NI) which is not finished, as previously pointed out. It may attract people who come to check it out and then leave.

    I've played a lot of games. OMG I'm not sure I remember them all. But I do know games are never really finished. I understand that. Beta, and then Release, are kind of abstract concepts since the released product is frequently just a Beta you have to pay for, and not really all that done. It's not uncommon, in fact it's common. So yeah, games are always a work in progress so one doesn't want to be too harsh.

    NI is in fact a lovely place that can be fun as is. But there is promise, like the recently linked on these boards article that was based on pre-release promotional material presumably, that reveals the scope of the intended concept, talked about "farming that will entice Farmville players" (and hey, I have fertilizer in my storage, some of the parts are already in place) and other destinations besides Ancient Greece. So however lovely the current state of NI is, we have been teased with so much more.

    I'm new here and my intent isn't to unload, but to encourage. It's a tropical paradise. Keep going :) Hell, I've been in games (*cough*Everquest after SONY ate Verant*cough*) where you couldn't offer the most constructive criticism without moderators deleting posts and threads. Clearly people speak their mind here. And I think they do it out of love for Next Island, and hope for what it may grow into.

    (EDIT: can I remember them all? Everquest, AO, EVE, Ryzom, SWG, WoW, DDO, Trickster, Pangya, PerfectWorld, DOMO, iRO, Minecraft, Terreria, Activeworlds, Second Life, Aion, STO, Vanguard, Discworld MUD...I'm sure I missed a couple. Everquest was for 6 years, everything since has been to find a setting as engaging as EQ)
  8. In the spirit of the thread though, I guess people might call someone who's hawking in Trade channel instead of shopping or selling on the auction a PEDdler ;)
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  9. red


    you should submit that one to this thread for that dominic guy.

    that would certainly be a term people would use.
  10. Oh, I thought this was the thread, thanks for the heads-up. :) goes and does so.
  11. aia


    In some generic ancient language I guess some of the following words might express different things:
    xà yes, I agree, I understand (no: neu)
    xè thought doesn't really appeal
    xì step off my tail it hurts!
    xò surprise, unexpected, I didn't know that

    I suppose "big papoo" can means different things depending on context. If you are indeed a monkey yourself, or pose as one, it can be an honorary word for someone wiser or a senior leader leader ("I gave the loot to the big papoo"). Among humans mostly thogh someone who has acted rudely; someone who have "hurt" someone for personal gain, someone who have left the scene looking happy for himself but left someone behind feeling bad ("that scammer is a big papoo!"). I was thinking "grobian" being a worse word than "babian" (papoo?).
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