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Ahhh the pawnshops (aka. banks) - 2014

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. The Wirecard software guy (Jan Marsalek) from the interview regarding the never claimed "Atlas Haven Bank" ...now COO at Wirecard...but who fled from germany recently *lol*, might even be an informer of the right-wing party FPÖ and "stole" secrets from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. ^^

    Also Wirecardbank is now involved in an illegal 100mio dollar marihuana deal, the USA are investigating as well now.

    Trolololol...this was indeed the perfect Mindark partner :'D




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  2. 16.000 Pages (!) of the german "wallstreet online forum" about Wirecard.

    Starting in 2008, ending in 2020...these "discussions" of "grown up" fanboys (investors) and their counterparts,
    reminded me of the daily drama on our Entropia forum(s). Humans...quite sad at times. x'D

    16.000 pages of "grown ups"...most of them so called professionals.
    This discussion itself spread like a wildfire across various investor sites.

    Interesting to SEE how the UK and Singapore are usually involved.

    In short :

    Investor 1: I think Wirecard is publishing strange numbers.

    Investor 2 : If you dont like Wirecard, why do you keep posting or even better...why dont you leave ?!

    Investor 3 : I love Wirecard !

    Investor 4 : Yes !

    Investor 1 : What a thread !

    Investor 2 : If you still dont like Wirecard, why do you keep posting or...why havent you left by now ?!

    Investor 3 : I still own/buy/trade Wirecard shares, LOL

    Investor 4 : Fuck, shit fuuuuck, I lost so much, why arent these guys all in prison !?!!? FUUUUUCK

    And wow, @ the amount of deleted posts (since 2008), mostly because of "company complaints" and "personal insults"...it really felt like reading PCF.

    We also have so many "grown up" fanboys...so intelligent...so brave...

    And then, 1 single user spoiled all the "fun", 3 days before the official announcemnets about this gigantic scam machinery. ^^
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  3. Damn, its fucking "amazing" how Wirecard built up their Empire of lies...every day something else gets revealed.
    Criminal, illegal, scammy, fishy...too much for this forum.

    Ask your local google if you want to dive deep into a fucking mess...holy shit...
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Quite interesting to hear that a forum in the name of wall street, pretty much the creme de la creme of the financial top brass world is observably comparable to the whining and childishness you get on PCF. I've had this on tonight and initially I just kept getting these really weird "adverts" for some sort of Etherium thing (interspersed with etoro ones -_-). It was dressed to look like some sort of serious financial discussion by "professional traders" but really it looked like nerdy twenty somethings playing at what they imagined serious financial traders should be like. It was quite annoying... especially with the frequency. Anyhow... maybe it's just something about money that turns people into whining school children?

    (I was "focusing" - and just like this kinda stuff)
  5. Sorry, me again...this is totally getting out of control right now...too bad Wirecard only was part of Entropia
    for such a short time...jesus...

    Our leader, the german chancelor Angela Merkel, is now officially involved into the wirecard scandal. :'D

    Or Ex-Defense Secretary, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, adviced her to support wirecard in China, because...


    ...our Ex-Defense Secretary, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, was also working as an advisor for Wirecard...


    Damn...nice show
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  6. Russia already claimed hes not there. ;D

    No prosecution in mother russia anyway...so it doesnt even matter what they say.

    This guy, though...LOL
  7. San


    No, they didn't. They claimed they have no information on him, whether he is there or not.

    https://deutsch.rt.com/wirtschaft/104688-ex-wirecard-vorstand-marsalek-angeblich/ (in German, not published on their English site)

    Well, if there really is some secret service involved as the Handelsblatt claims, we at least know what any official statement is worth. Or at this moment in time, I would grant that this is not important enough for the president himself to know.

    As for prosecution in Russia on behalf of foreign governments... they insist on making their own judgement whether to oblige or not. What Western governments hate most about Russia is that they can't tell it what to do. Ask Snowden if you ever needed to flee...
  8. San


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  9. Yea, another reason why I cant just leave this show.

    We had so many criminals in here by now...in the swedish tradition of...uh...hmmmm...well, even the "Developers" are criminals.
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