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Ahhh the pawnshops (aka. banks) - 2014

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Hiya. No interestingly none of the above iirc. Oddness. I've seen a few of those give ped get info ones though... not for some years however. I like the Entropia Universe Hack tool! haha that is a funny screenshot!

    I'll know the one I'm thinking of though cause I have a feeling someone pointed out his name was an acronym of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Ponzi that guy.
  2. I think I might have actually converted lindens to PED back in the day on that site, completely forgot about that!
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  4. I have some great news for you ! :'D

    The german "Wirecard Bank" (Bank in Atlas Haven), finally gets busted it seems, after rumors about fucking with their investors in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2016, 2017 and now, finally in 2019, lawyers have provided informations about serious, criminal offences, lol...

    ...this would have been the perfect partner for Mindark. :D



    Im more than aware, that there is more then enough evidence, about all the banks in the world, beeing greedy a$$holes, fucking with loans, shares and their customers. Many of them had been (still are) at court already. But money is power... ,-)
  5. After 6 years of rejecting fraud allegations and not getting punished at court, the managers of the Wirecard Bank (Atlas Haven) (never claimed, never fully payed) will probably finally get send into prison in 2020. Some billion Euros went "missing" and they finally have evidence. :) (If the money ever existed, that is)

    atlas bank prison time 2020.

    The "fun part" is, the german banks "Commerzbank" + "Deutsche Bank" + "LBBW" + "ING" + Dutch bank "ABN Amro" and "Bank of China" want to rescue these scammers now. :'D

    2014 :




    It is about time to reveal
    who was behind this special Mindark deal,
    dont you think ? =)
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  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

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  7. Thanks Peter, I forgot it only mentions Jan Marsalek as vice president of software development in 2007. But maybe he was the initiator ?

    He just got fired by Wirecard bank ^^
    He was the COO there by now.

    Seems more like they didnt expect to purchase a simple pawnshop...as they had "big plans in Entropia". roflcopter

    Marsalek downplayed concerns about the anonymity of its Entropia customers. "Even the best-known and most trusted avatar will have to reveal the real-life person behind it when it comes to certain types of services," he said.


    wirecard marsalek fired.
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  8. San


    I guess the same applies to Anshe Chung. That she is the biggest virtual real estate mogul in Second Life is known around here, yes? She probably wrote the error off quickly and just moved on.

    About Wirecard, you can't relate the news here as fast as they're happening right now. The CEO who just stepped down is already in custody. This is big, follow the updates on your favourite news channel.
  9. We know who Anshe is. And you are probably right.

    The saddest part is, 6 years ago people already tried to reveal the truth about Wirecard...and now that they finally got caught...they want to fully cooperate, to not have to fear too much jailtime...bastards...they only wanted to make money... x'D
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I'm new to Wirecard. I dimly recall their name from the bank sale and that it never got used. Indeed likely they had no interest in running a pawn shop. I can't remember how the product was advertised though at the start. Was it always stated that a pawn shop was all it would be? Or was there "so much more still to come" ? ,-)

    As regards Anshe well she (I'll call her she for ease) I think her main interest was in setting up her Dreamland Stock Exchange (DSE) that allowed PED to flow (with an exchange rate) to SL Lindens and back. The bank seemed kinda just the "window front"/"credibility card" for that. In SL cash movement was all handled by scripts but in Entropia they had to have avatars doling out/collecting the PED. A bit like how EntropiaPartners have avatars they pay a wage to (I assume - never checked) in order to handle account withdraws into Entropia.

    DSE had a website that users could manage their account on and there was a concept of trading shares in virtual companies on there too.

    As I recall, there were two things that went wrong... or maybe three if you like. In regards to the virtual company shares, unfortunately they just gradually dwindled in value to nothing so most who invested lost their money. I think Anshe made back her expenditure on the Bank though as a result. This situation with the shares in itself I think came about because somewhere along the way, the "functionality rug" (or maybe "intended functionality rug") got pulled from under them, and whatever these companies were meant to originally do, never actually happened. As a result the value dropped as people tried to cash out of DSE (some loss was better than total loss).

    The two other ones were that I believe Mindark said Anshe would be responsible for any money moved out of the game. Not sure exactly what this meant but I took this to mean that, say someone deposited via a credit card, moved the PED to DSE, then did a charge back (effectively cancelling the CC deposit) then Anshe would be responsible for the loss. I guess that means any "evaporated" PED traced to her card/DSE avatar balance would be deducted. If she'd already converted that to someone's DSE balance though, and they'd gone on to pull the cash in SL, then she'd be out of (PED) pocket.

    The final thing was that the DSE website had a serious software bug and by the time it was discovered/reported, they'd already lost a lot of money. I don't know how much though.

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  11. San


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  12. Illegal gambling, money-laundering & dishonesty...damn, this would have been the perfect Mindark partner. :'D

  13. LOL


    hahahahahahahha....*sigh*....fuck you munich court, fuck you....simply fuck you...

    Put him into jail...forever...such people will try this shit again and again and...bah...
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  14. A lifetime of information and links here..Wow, I never knew any of this was going on, I need to lift that rock I am under a time or two.

  15. -Buying a pawnshop in Entropia Universe 135.000 euros

    -Fucking the world economy billions of euros

    -Betraying all investors billions of euros

    -Messing with china billions of euros

    -Paying 5.000.000 Euros bail to become a free man again...to start a new scam :)

    -Our own german financial authorities protecting the scammers since 2014...priceless...

  16. This guy is now on the run...while he 1st promised to come to court... lulz...

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