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  1. Not sure how to put this... Is taking on a mentor essential for the skilling/loot process, if anyone understands me here? That is, does the skilling/loot system work more effectively for participants that take on a mentor, than for those that do not?
    Reason I ask all this, is that someone I know in-world has recently passed their apprenticeship, and since having done so, is globalling fairly consistantly, and I have known this to be the case for other ppl that I have known in EU who also went with a mentor, so I am assuming that taking on a mentor early on, does aid one's path along the skilling process.
    Myself on the other hand, rarely get globals even though my skills are fairly good, so I'm thinking this is because I didn't use a mentor.... Does anyone know if there's anything to this, or am I just jumping to conclusions :rolleyes:
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  2. That is a very interesting point! I do not know the answer but can give some information about my own experiences.

    I did not have a mentor, it took me a long time get to the level where I would graduate, this was initially because of lack of cash and then because I did not play for nearly six months, the upshot was it must have been about a year between me stating and my first global.

    After I got more into the game I started to global more often and then had a dry spell of months which was very frustrating before things picked up for me again in March or April of this year.

    Unfortunately I do not know of anyone who started about the same time as me and did have a mentor.

    I would guess there are many factors involved in creating the seed from which the random numbers are generated, it is possible that having gone through being a disciple is one of those factors.
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  3. Thanks for that... I first started playing EU along a similar path, and in my early days didn't really understand how mentorship worked and didn't give it that much regard. By the time I did discover how it worked, I had too high skills.
    Ever since I've just had this niggly feeling that if I had taken on a mentor, this may have helped speed up the skilling process, esp where maxing out on unlimiteds are concerned and maybe even have improved the loot levels.
    So when someone I know stated getting globals regularly not long after completing a discipleship, this somehow added to this theory...
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  4. :confused: you know thies verry thoughts crossed my minde as well... its good to know im not the only one that is wondering this... i also never had a mentor, and i also have had a verry low level of loot's... it has not ruined the game for me at all... but i do question the idea ; if or if-not mentorships/desipleships matter to the loot system... ???? i as well have no idea if this is a factor... but i bet MA knows lol :rolleyes:
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  5. I would say that you're right - taking a mentor probably does introduce a 'lucky' period upon graduation. I seem to remember my first few came then, and the restrictions you have to endure whilst graduating do seem to make some better loots 'due' at the end of it.

    Saying that it took me years to graduate, so what would I know ;)
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  6. That loot is affected by whether or not you have had a mentor, or in other words that your avatar would be doomed to worse returns because a decision you made during the first few days, I must say I have hard to believe.

    But about skill gains however, when thinking about it, it does make sense that you would skill a bit faster during a discipleship period, doesn't it? Would actually be a cool thing to implement if it's not already in use.
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  7. Yep - the first part had crossed my mind many times, and I felt that loots would improve as I gained more skills and more understanding what to use against which mobs, but although my loot levels have improved generally for some time now, I'm still not getting the globals I feel I should be getting. I suppose the only way I can find out if taking on a mentor is a factor, is to chip-out and start again, but I don't really want to do that... So I'm really hoping that if I keep getting higher skills then eventually I'll hit the jackpot due to my lack of globals so far :D
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  8. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    I had NO mentor and did not do to shabby up until I became inactive. Burgerman had no mentor either. :D
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  9. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    That is correct. Bunny and I were left cold and alone when we arrived on the ferocious planet of Calypso. Nobody wanted us as disciples. :cry::Beaten::cry:

    hehe :D

    And my loots were also not too shabby as long as I made regular large deposits. My loots rapidly declined when I stopped depositing. :yahoo:
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  10. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    I had a mentor, but after he took me as disclipe, he logged off and never came back :(
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  11. That's just plain rude, a mentor not showing up... Well, I'm still plugging along, so who knows what the secret to EU is? Thanks everyone...
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