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  1. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Status And Update

    Yes we are making changes. I am focusing on changes for a June content release.

    You may know that my back story goes back to my childhood and was something I worked on for eight years. It is very close to my heart, and I hope you like it.

    We are going to be more focused on the backstory – the creation of Elyisum on Earth – how it prospered and where technology flourished on this South Pacific nation years ago. Then how an evil nation run by mercenaries tried to take over Elysium and steal its secrets using spies and fighters. Then how the citizens of Elysium used its parallel universe and time travel technologies to escape. Many of these travelers wound up in Entropia Universe and migrated to a planet they then called “Next Island”. Now many years later a new wave of visitors came from Elysium and Planet Calypso to re-create paradise yet again. There is much more on this but the back story will be part of the front story at Next Island.

    You will see quests and discoveries and mysteries to be solved on what happened to the first wave of arrivals. The change of focus to be a paradise being re-born is one aspect of what you will see.

    Another change will be to have more things to do and playing to a wider audience. We are committed to change and to play to a vision that we believe will bring ongoing interest and mystery. More games, more quests, more professions and more ways to make money – you’ll see this in June, and continuing beyond

    I will try to keep you updated as we develop Next Island, and I look forward to sharing this with you.

    David Post
    CEO and Founder, Next Island

  2. That's no news though... is it? :p
    I mean we've got a message before which said that there will be a content release in June(!!!) for NI which will introduce more aspects of story and gameplay.
    So this was the message supposed to be delivered after 10 *cough* days?
    Might have just as well skipped it then since "more ways to make money" could be for either the player base or the devs. :o Now guess which of the two options is more likely. :rolleyes:
  3. Look forward to hearing more.
  4. red


    I thought it was nice to be able to read it here and not hear about it second hand someplace or have to subscribe to an banal and bleached and service like facebook.

    although it didn't contain much detail (I don't expect such statements to do so), it was still good to know there are actual plans and a goal being worked toward.
  5. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Thanks, Red! We do have plans, and there's a LOT of work going into our June update, and into our planned content after that.

    Xerox, I just have to hope you'll be patient with us and come check out our June release!

    I'll keep you all informed as soon as I have more news to share!
  6. Neato now can someone active some time crystals to make it June now?


    I am really looking forward to more story and game play for sure

    Now I just need a shop or a house to show off my ancient greece loots!
  7. OK so first - the inner workings of the Next Island business and Entropia Universe at large are no more our business than the inner workings of a corporation. Anyone who actually invests knows we dont get daily reports or even weekly reports on the goings on. We get quarterly reports with news blurbs from the media person from time to time in between. Outside agencies also report on the company based on plans they may or may not have full knowledge of, but seek to sensationalize for their own agendas.

    That being said we have our share of Sensationalist Journalism going on here, with folks like the fellow above constantly posting negative remarks, dirt digging by other published entities on people affiliated with the enterprise, and folks who are reporting on goings on as they discover them within the enterprise.

    These points of view serve a purpose, but we must recognize them for what they are -- and when they serve a larger purpose or merely produce internet chatter that massages the OP's ego.

    The first few sentences of were useful. We would like more detailed news, if there is any to be had that the company is free to divulge. The last few sentences were snarky remarks, and served no purpose.

    Second - I would like to see more of the story about Elysium take shape within the world. Who are the Papoos? Why do only a few of them talk, and others of them screech like rabid monkeys? What's with all the boars? Did some seafaring Polynesian tribe encounter these islands before the time travelers did? Where are they? Are the current islands the only islands in the chain, or is this part of a larger archipelago, where at some point we will see a developed time traveler city and have the full story of the travelers themselves unveiled?

    What happened to the evil nation? Whats their story? Are they crazy fascists, or simply corrupted by money? Did they eventually learn how to time travel? Is that where the portal guardians come from, or will we see them later? Is a conflict brewing?

    A world needs an essential conflict in order to drive the story forward and involve the citizens. Our mundane activities fill the void between chapters in that conflict. I'd like to see more development here, and more development on the main islands of Next Island.

    I feel its essential to the planets success to cultivate the three (or possibly 5) storylines here. Elysium, Mercenaries, Calypso, Time Travel, and Papoo. Make them all a part of the game, and let the players choose their roles accordingly.
  8. Please fix the current bugs before implimenting more new stuff. I don't mind waiting for new stuff if we get the fixes we need first.
  9. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I like the sounds of what is instore for the future release. But will have to wait untill June to find out the whole story. ;)
  10. I read the text like this:

    -"NI is in beta state at the moment, welcome back in June for the real thing. If u waste/use money here in the meantime it's not our fault."

    The questions I have is if there will be any miniupdates with bugfixes and added content in the meantime or will NI be as iss until June? And will it really be June or will it be delayed or if delayed is not OK will you rlease a half working thing again?

    All in all I like NI and I hope it will live a long life and that we will see it diverge more and more from Calypso and that the NI ingame market will stand on it's own.
  11. red


    I like next island, too.

    I'd like it better, if those annoying "x"s went away; and the large inventory items were reduced to something reasonable.

    I've been waiting for those, since december. I'm sure it's more difficult for mew people. I'm use to waiting. but, I'm not sure it is a good thing.
  12. There was never anything about this Island being a beta. Calypso is not a beta and Next Island is an extension of Calypso. That would be like buying a new car with known problems and still purchasing it are we all stupid or what?
  13. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I love to read this, David.

    In the interview with you in the first EntropiaTimes (September 2010) you speak so heartily about your life dream which is behind your idea of creating Next Island - it felt like being there. And from that I looked so much forward to the beautiful island with a lot of things to discover and experience.

    Next Island IS beautiful, but my personal feeling was that it was not yet full filled as in the dream - but it also takes time to develop a planet, as things might change and be 'dynamic'.

    It really sounds as if what I (we .. some?) have been hoping for will happen and that you and your team is working hard to make the dream come true. And by time the pieces in the large puzzle NI will fall together nicely and everything will fit together in perfect harmony.

    NI will be one of a kind!
  14. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    <removed> ... sorry, I realized I posted this in the wrong thread.
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