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A documentary about Entropia - I got invited

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. I got asked via private message, to participate in a documentary about "Entropia" by the guys from "People Make Games".

    I really appreciate the invitation as these guys are seriously digging deeper and doing a great job.

    Considering I have never heard about them before and only watched some clips and interviews recently...It is a good sign I already like the work of these guys.

    SEEing the "funny" discussion over at PCF, was quite interesting, because never before my name got dropped so often. A short collection. ^^


    Good ol wizz...but I know, he really wants to hear me. :P


    God has spoken, no other opinions needed !


    I started Entropia with Liu and MepH in 2004. No idea why Liu would want to hear a grumpy old man talking about this swedish clownshow called Mindark. Lets SEE...


    Evey...ya...know him and his alt since a very long time. He also only wishes the... "successfull" people to be interviewed...like skalman, neomaven...ooof


    God returned for a short commercial break.


    God no like backtalk.


    I knew it... ;)


    And then, out of nowhere...


    OMG, there are others using the forum...NOT playing Entropia anymore ? :O


    I know Fiona since the early days...but we havent had contact for about a decade...I really enjoyed reading her introduction to me.


    Damn, Geo...it started off so great...and ended with the typical "He only wants to see Entropia die"



    "Realized he couldnt hang...". Ouch.
    I made all of my money back (RCE ftw!) by selling the gun and the armor and have no reason to deposit ever again. That was the plan.
    I can always play for free and I never stated that I hate the game...BUT the company that took its soul. Common mistake by those "beeing uber and having knowledge is everything here! If you dont play the game, stfu & leave !"



    Hang on, did he really write that ? Deathifier did by far more for this game, money-wise and PR wise...then everyone else combined together...inlcuding our virtual President Neverdie...so lets just call him a spoiled brat without any fair and honest...jesus...did he really just write that ? x'D




    Me and toxic ?!
    You !Ä$Ö%Ä/)" !&"$) $%§)=!&%"" )!/$§&, how the /"=%)(%( %&$"?=)"§ ="§=§"=/908
    this is (/)&)=(% "!"%!&!"%$"!)="! and I will )=("§($/`?="!)=!"&%&§)="§$/(

    And as always, I leave the closing word to messi91. ^^


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  2. The shit has hit the fan...




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  3. upload_2020-7-8_2-2-44.
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  4. To bad the fun had to end so soon.

    But good to hear you got invited.
    I would love to read the interview!
    Hear the other side.
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  5. Lick.

    When I say there are only Ass Lickers on PCF, with no knowledge of the game :)
  6. San


    And, are you going to entertain them?
  7. I had a fun chat with Squall last night, whom I know since a long time as well.
    Entropia is a part of him. Like it is a part of me. Like it is a part of you.

    He even asked if I was ok with him posting some "lovely" words. I didnt expect THAT much love x'D , but lol, this all doesnt really matter in the end anymore, as nothing will change anyway. :)

    Im in contact with those guys.
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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    re. People Make Games: Just from watching the first few mins of the intro video I want to give the guy a hug. What a great idea. I didn't even pick up on the nuance of the name at first but it sounds like he hit upon some really interesting ideas for a channel. Reminds me in many ways of some of the core aspects of the Game City Event and and also the OtherLands documentary series. Thinking about this, it's almost a wonder that Verner Hertzof hasn't done a documentary film yet about people in the games industry. He's always more about the people.

    Sounds like a good chat to talk to. I do wonder if your story will be compatible with his ends though. I guess it really depends on what his plan is. If it's about the making of Entropia you might not be his ideal target. Someone like Marco Behrman might be a better choice (if he is allowed to/would be in his intrests to talk).

    Worth a chat though and see what might come of it.


    PS well done on being so recommended. I quite liked the comment back to the critic of "you're just jealous cause you never did jack shit in terms of community contribution in this game". Nailed!
  9. He's searching for ex-players and the attached reasons.
    What could possibly go wrong ? ;D

    Marco...he was the real Neverdie...but also his visions never became reality...at Mindark.
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  10. My quote was just a funny quote, I got nothing against SquallX or anyone particularily members of EP :)
  11. Puck

    Puck Puck

    It's almost like we're at his funeral and everyone has a turn eulogizing MM . There's always some bitter acquaintance that has to throw the first dirt on the grave.
  12. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Congrats, McC. And fuck Messi. That guy's just a ponce. I don't really know the dude, but his entire attitude on the forum is always a "Messi knows best" sort of deal. He's just trying to secure his golden-egg laying goose, and with all the late fuckups by MA, and large parts of the community finally realizing MA are scum, he's desperate to try and retain his value on the sinking ship.
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  13. For sure I am far away from the Fabulous McCormick,
    but at least i can SEE 6 years after I left PCF that people are still checking my profile :)
    1,127,903 visits lol !


    Not bad compared to the 2 braggers on right side showing off their ava each time they post a screeny...

    Can't hit link now, PCF is off due to moving to new server.

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  14. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Well Ludwig (family MA member) job (paid) is to lock/delete threads that are ''too hot'' when Neomaven the cybersquatter is not there. There was once an article/link on here about a Uni Professor who reviewed EU many years ago but MA sent his boss a threatening letter. Does any1 still have that link to that ?
  15. https://terranova.blogs.com/terra_nova/2006/05/mindark_im_sorr.html
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  16. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Many thanks Mastermesh ;)
  17. Thats a true classic in Entropains history ! :)
  18. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Yup but you missed that 1 out of The Big Picture. I looked all over Mastermesh site for that i know its linked on this forum somewhere. Perhaps add that 1 into interview a Uni Professor being threatened by Tinrats. It wasnt the reason i asked for link though it for private reasons ;)

    Edited =

    : (1) it has a history of making wild claims about Entropia, (2) at least one of the much-vaunted sales of assets in the world was to someone who has a direct connection to the company, and (3) that its recent announcement about its groundbreaking “Entropia banking card” was not very groundbreaking, coz it was basically a debit card

    I think this should be added into the big picture. The ''biggest virtual sale online'' had a direct connection to Mindark. And the reviewer who said that was threatened. How many more (rhetorical question) 'players' have direct connections to Mindark. A lot on Mindarks PCF for sure :). See you later :)
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  19. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Seems like a nice project. I'd love to see McCormick and Deathifier in it. And not MA staff but the planet partners that brought innovation, the mission system for example was a requested by Planet Cyrene. Or the partners that ran away, like SEE. And I'd love to hear about the controversies: people that are involved in the development and at the same time operating player avatars in EU for profit, MindArk "stealing" intellectual property from partners, lying about it and when caught killing the messenger aka #runesgate. #runesgate, anyone knowing about #runesgate?

    We have some rough unedited video content here, happy to give all of it to the project if there's any use for it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFXG3BI19O5ocibxq2iFcR9ugcyOS_rK_
  20. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    99.5% deathifer cant comment about ongoing (or even past) formal legal proceedings. I asked about that Professor article (it was from 2006!!!) because recently (nothing to do with EU/Mindark) we have been discussing what happens and what to do if ''threatened'' by 'big companies. Also (i said this when i 1st joined this forum just before the ''EMW/ big reveal'' many players afraid of using real name on this forum to say anything ''negative'' about Mindark.


    That pretty sums up WHY. They (for good reason) afraid to say bad things with 'real' EU name against Mindark. I do have 1 more Q on this particular topic. When CND was 1st up for sale.

    I read somewhere that others bidded on CND also BUT at the last minute the servers suddenly went down apparrently and when the servers came back online Neverdie (who WAS MA employee - read above article - at that time) won the auction.

    Does any1 have a link or screenshot about that?

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