A biography of David Simmonds, MindArk CEO

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    We just received this from David Simmonds, and figured we would give everyone a bit of a closer look to the new CEO of MindArk. The picture below is from his LinkedIn profile.


    David Simmonds, originally from England, moved to Sweden in the mid-1990s. Prior to joining MindArk, Mr. Simmonds was employed by and operated companies in the cellular, communications and security industries. He has been the Business Development Director at MindArk since 2005, when he was asked by Jan Welter-Timkrans to bring his entrepreneurial savvy and management skills to MindArk.

    During that time, David's primary role at MindArk has been to manage the company's existing business relationships, and to cultivate and develop relationships with new business and planet partners. He has also managed the company's global communications since 2008. David's extensive knowledge of, passion for, and experience with Entropia Universe combine to make him well-equipped for his new role as CEO.

    Before joining MindArk David travelled extensively around the world. His love affair with travel and other cultures began in 1978 when he first backpacked through South East Asia & Japan. David enjoys water sports, and previously owned a Jet-Ski rental business. He also enjoys skiing, walking/jogging and gym training. David is happily married with children and enjoys an active social life in Gothenberg.

    In his role as CEO, David plans to implement a comprehensive strategy to take MindArk and Entropia Universe to the next level of success. With the steadily growing number of players and planet partners and the future IPO ahead, David brings a more structured environment and a commitment for the entire company to realize the full potential of the Entropia Universe concept.

    Further planning and development of Entropia Universe will continue to be headed by "Keeper of the Vision" Jan Welter Timkrans, who will now be free to focus fully on the Entropia Universe vision moving forward. With David taking over the CEO role and managing day-to-day operations, Jan, along with Chief Operating Officer Magnus Erikson, will both have the time they need to concentrate on steering the vision, expansion and version release planning of Entropia Universe, to which David will continue to contribute his broad experience and knowledge.

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    Great post and good information. Will have to try to visit MA next time im in Gothenburg on business. Would be nice to see their office. But I guess they are quite busy.
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