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47th Imperial Expeditionary Force (Military / RP Lite / North American)

Discussion in 'Entropia Societies' started by Cavadus, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Cavadus

    Cavadus CPT (O3)


    The 47th I.E.F. is a military themed, North American based player association which is based on a military theme. The 47th engages in a wide variety of in-game activities to include PvE, PvP, crafting, trading, and server events.

    The 47th prides itself on professionalism and esprit de corps which are our core principles. We hold our members to a high standard and prohibit exploiting and conduct unbecoming.

    Teamwork and collective effort are mantras the 47th lives by. We grind skill points in a group, move in a group, and we all do what we can to contribute to the unit. Our legionaries provide materials for the crafters, who in turn provide gear back to the legionaries. If you like to go and do things your own way then the 47th is probably not for you.

    The 47th was originally established in 2007 as an offshoot of a Star Wars Galaxies guild from the Chilastra server.

    By the time of the NGE a lot of interest in SWG had been permanently lost. A deployment or two later I became highly interested in Tabula Rasa and chose to start my own player organization for the game with a few SWG guildmates which came to be known as the 47th A.F.S. Expeditionary Force, or 47th A.F.S.E.F..

    Around the time of TR's closure Earthrise caught the 47th's interest. We waited for Earthrise for over three years and were finally able to step foot on Enterran soil at game launch.

    Unfortunately Earthrise was plagued with launch issues, lacked basic and rudimentary features, had an extremely unoptimized client which ran very poorly, had a small community, and incredibly slow patch releases. In June of 2011 we decided to quit Earthrise.

    In addition to Entropia Universe the 47th currently has legionaries deployed in World of Tanks, Global Agenda, and the upcoming Star Wars: The old Republic.

    The 47th's style of roleplay is what we've coined "RP Lite." What this means is that we subscribe to a more moderate form of roleplay. More specifically, we ask our legionaries to be "in character" in spatial/local chat but will not require anyone to be "in character" in any team, unit, or other such affiliated chat channels. We also do not require any legionaries to be "in character" on our forums aside from the designated roleplay forum. "In character" chat is strictly forbidden on voice comms. The bottom line is that we want to present a degree of professionalism in public spaces and limited roleplaying allows us to do just that.

    • Professionally Built Dynamic Website
    • vBulletin Forum System with vBadvanced CMPS Plugin
    • Dedicated 24/7 Private Ventrilo Server
    • Personalized 47th.info E-Mail Address
    • General Issue Dress Uniform (TBD)
    • Regularly Scheduled Unit Events
    • Must be at Least 19 years of age (exceptions considered on case by case basis);
    • Willingness to engage in PvP; and
    • Willingness to casually roleplay.

    The 47th is a great environment for current and past members of the armed forces. Many of our legionaries are prior service (I personally served in the U.S. Army for seven years as a 19D Cavalry Scout: FIRST TEAM!) and enjoy being around other prior service Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines; we welcome and encourage you to join!

    Active duty legionaries who refer a successful enlistment to the 47th will be promoted one rank and grade up to and including Corporal (E4).
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Good luck in Entropia!

    HOFs to your team.

  3. To: All members- 47th Imperial Expeditionary Force
    From: Alpha Ag Geek- CEO, Manticore
    Subj: Welcome!

    On behalf of Manticore, greetings to all members of the mighty 47th!

    The timing of your arrival is quite fortuitous! In the known areas of the universe, there are many threats to the various civilizations to be found. The presence of a force such as yours can only be looked upon as an asset to the entire community.

    Manticore especially looks forward to future joint operations with members of the 47th IEF on Calypso, where we have managed to keep the robots of Akbal-Cimi in check... for now.

    Again, welcome 47th!

    Terminus Roboticus!


    Alpha Ag Geek
    CEO- Manticore

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