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Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by itto, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. 11pt Allophyl

    Stratos- What is the black and white thing in your Bery loot?

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  2. Its a small minstrel vase for decoration purposes :Beer:
  3. pall stool

    for the moment it seems that my bad time is over.
    A nice pall stool global of 251PED was a big surprise , it comes with a garnet and a small boxes(L) blueprint (my third)
    so another 12 points for me :)

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  4. first weapon global

    I though i will get it never :(
    but at least i got it :clapping:

    a 54PED Jester D1 for another 7 points

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  5. I like blue man :-)

    126 ped + items

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  6. Aaaaand back to the drones :-D

    152 ped + items

    Back to my roots :-) :Sniper:

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  7. Ambulimax...moving up :-)

    136 ped + items

    the thingie is an energy storage of 24 ped. supposingly a hangar part...but nowhere near rare it seems :-)

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  8. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    16 points 806 ped drone

    16 points 806 ped hof with item.
    After hunting some longus with little return, I put on the vigi and headed off from Jason. This was the very first drone I killed. Made me VERY happy. :-)

    The item is a minor focus chip. :hunter:

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  9. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    18 points Jashonich HOF

    18 points - Jashonich AP 366 ped HOF + item

    Thought I would leave the poor longus alone for a night, and tried some nice guns.

    Item point is for 12k residue, a Garnet and a Smacker 3 blueprint (L)

    :handgun: ​


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  10. 7 point Matterdriller MD-201 :)

    seems crafting is more successfull for me atm :)

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  11. Estophyl Mature

    106 ped :-D

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  12. Snarg Guardian

    70 ped Snarg Guardian

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  13. Kind Molisk Scout

    55 ped + items

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  14. Last competition day is here!

    Tomorrow is last day to submit entrys, so make sure you upload your screenies in time

    Cheers :Beer:
  15. Competition is closed
    Winners and prizes will be anounced on Friday

    Thread is closed :locked:
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