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12.000$ loot was...a mistake by the developer !

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Today MindArk started the event "Crafting Mania".

    To make a long story short...Mindark wanted to release special blueprints with 3 clicks as a reward, if you started crafting.

    So someone looted these special blueprint...but...

    "Accidently" *lol* they released the 1st Blueprint with 100 clicks, instead of 3 clicks....making the avatar "Eternal sark Newbie" recieve more then 12.000$ in total loot today.

    The community quickly realized something was completely wrong, so MindArk had to react...

    And they posted right after it on the forum, admitting it was a mistake...a 12.000$ mistake...but hell...congratulation to the "lucky" winner ! x'D

    Yet another big outrage in the community...

    ludvig mamba.

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  2. The ‘Congratulations...’ sentence at the end is bizarre!!??

    “We completely screwed up the event right from the start and had no intention of letting anyone win such a large amount but what the heck, congratulations old bean”.
  3. For "normal", rational people, its bizarre...for those fanboys its the normal daily dosis of fuck ups.
    The troll even admits, that he doesnt take this game serious and knows that his money is lost anyway. gg ! *lol*

    The fanboys got used to all the raping by now...they invested way too much already...and they want more...
    and already with the next so called "event", people will deposit the next batch of their salary, cheering for Mindark, defending them, no matter the cost...calling it entertainment again...until the next repetitive scam...and so on...and so on...they will keep telling you how good this game is and that you know jack shit about how to make 95% ROI everyday and that you should leave, if you "dont like it".

    I could write a dissertation about this behaviour...

    Today was the day, some fanboys got enough...just to get trolled by the other fanboys...so they will return, to "enjoy" their next dosis of fuck up.

    Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.
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  4. You know what is the most used phrase since 2004, used by the standard addicts ?

    "I can only hope MA will listen to us this time...change their behaviour...player trust...else they might loose customers..." blaaahhhhh

    They never lost their loyal patrons...because the people using the above phrase...always stayed.

    Because when MA announces the next event/PR-gag etc. ..."Weeee MA listened to us...!"

    ...while the event already starts fully fucked up, or is dead on arrival, like Taming, Compet, Deeptoken etc. etc. etc.
    the loyal patrons just re-post their wise words again :

    "I can only hope MA will listen to us this time...change their behaviour...player trust...else they might loose customers..."

    History repeating. Honestly, thats a mental thing...and its no secret there are psychos inside of Entropia, I mean, look at me ! ,-)
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  5. They know they sucked big time again, but they won't give us materials we can quote over and over to show they were huge fucking idiots (and that's not the first time), so best strategy as they know new people may join the game is just to give congratulations.
    And comming from Mr Ex-Nighthawk (now "ludwig"), hypocrisy is something he always feeded.
    Give money for free by robbing depositors to give to non-depositors is how mindark are advertising the game since day One...
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Wow! all trades are indeed final then
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  7. Dab


    And then the fanboys went out and bought the extra large size jar of vaseline to get geared up for the next MA 'event'.
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  8. *a friendly reminder*

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