100,000+ PED Fallout

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    104,000 PED is 100% guaranteed to be given away to both hunters and miners in this highest single loot based event on BIG Industries land areas. Participants will be able to claim as many prizes as they can by achieving multiple places on the leaderboards. Participants are encouraged to activate the BIG Rewards Plugin on Entropia Life to obtain their reward points as well as qualify for the 100,000+ BIG Rewards Progressive Bonus (all prizes in any BIG event are stackable). Reward points earned will be redeemable in addition to the 100,000 PED prize pool of this event.


    Top 10 hunting globals on each of BIG Industries land areas will each receive 1000 PED.

    Top 9 Mining Globals on OLA42 and top 3 mining Globals of every other BIG Industries land area will each receive 1000 PED.

    Obtain one of the top 10 hunting scores on each of BIG Industries land areas and your total prize peds will DOUBLE.

    Obtain 3 of the top 9 qualifying globals/hofs on OLA42, and 1 of the top 3 in every other BIG LA Mining and your total prize peds will DOUBLE.

    (if you obtain the double bonus in both hunting and mining we'll throw in a free Thorio Hat)

    Total Potential Prize Pool of 208,000 PED (+ a Thorio Hat)


    September 6th 00:01 - October 31st 23:59


    Login to EntropiaLife.com and click the "Join Event" button for each of the land areas in both hunting and mining categories in the event section. OR Open your BIG Rewards Plugin and click "Join" to be registered for all segments of this event with one click!! in the events section here. Entropia Life will automatically track all your globals from any of the BIG Industries Land areas in game.


  2. Fallout Scoreboards:

    OLA1 Hunting
    OLA1 Mining
    OLA7 Hunting
    OLA7 Mining
    OLA18 Hunting
    OLA18 Mining
    OLA42 East Hunting
    OLA42 Mining
    OLA42 North Hunting
    OLA42 West Hunting
    OLA48 Hunting
    OLA48 Mining
    OLA49 Hunting
    OLA49 Mining

    (Scoreboards may take up to a few hours to update to current points)
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