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User Name Wistrel
Age 16
Gender (F)
Languages English
Country United Kingdom.gif United Kingdom
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Avatar Name Wistrel Wisty Chianti
Avatar Gender (F)
Society Entropia Pioneers
Home Planet Planet Calypso
Place Of Arrival Port Atlantis
Date Of Arrival 2013/04/18

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Wistrel the "Kick-ass Elf" least skilled avatar on Entropedia and believes this is quite an achievement for a six year old! ^_^ is the 407th

The Diary of Wistrel Chianti can be found here which is a (fairly long running but on hiatus for quite some years now) amalgamation of accounts of her early experiences on Calypso, ideas, opinions and stories. The diary statistically came up as the 10th best diary on EF as of the end of 2006 and only covers subject areas relevant and related to Entropia. (If you want to read real life drivel, go look at liveangst)

Wistrel posts and can be contacted on Entropia Forum, Virtual Mind Hive and the EUforces websites as well as the newer Entropia Planets on occasion. Although she has an account on Entropia Pioneers [deceased] (where can be found lots of great entropia fiction) it is rarely checked. Additionally her first and last names arranged with a dot in the middle and attached to make for a handy email address.

Some years ago Wistrel joined the team of writers and artists of The Calypso Post (TCP). To date she has articles in TCP issues 4, 5, 6 and 7. TCP is not currently active.

Wistrel has recently reached the ripe old age of 7, and returned to Entropia in spring 2010 after a two and half year break. She is also very active in the community through PCF, Entropia Planets and the entropiachat irc network.