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MindStar9 has been involved with Entropia Universe storytelling almost from the beginning when she first set foot on Planet Calypso on April 2, 2005. It was the Summer of 2005 when she first offered her picture storytelling scenarios based on in-game adventures, events, and activities.

MS9 branched off into themed event planning after she connected with NEVERDIE prior to the launch of his original Club NEVERDIE asteroid. She had opportunities to work with journalists from various countries, and a German TV producer in conjunction with the first fashion show presented at CND in partnership with Lykke, which was also being filmed for a pop culture show to air in Germany and France.

MS9 and her virtual mate were also interviewed and filmed by The Discovery Channel for their 2 hour Gamers Generation documentary as part of the NEVERDIE segment which starts in Episode 2, Video 4 of 5. MS9's CND apartment, along with MS9 and her virtual mate Blood Moon (Moonie) are shown in a few places beginning at 7:02.

The first generation CND era was vibrant and electric, where the partying and storytelling was neverending.

There were other opportunities that gave MS9 further writing inspirations, and she became a News Reporter/Writer for the original EntropiaForum, which has since become the official Planet Calypso forum. She gave birth to the Wednesday's Who's Who player profile series, starting with Auktuma in June of 2007, and wrote many front page articles as well.

In July of 2009, MS9 gave birth to her own radio station - MindStar Radio - and added another dimension to sharing information with the community, along with music and live event broadcasting.

MS9 was then invited to join the staff at where she continued her writing and storytelling, again offering front page articles and other content.

MS9 also became a staff member of the new EntropiaTimes magazine and produced articles, society profiles, stories, and many VIP interviews that gave insight into the inner workings of Planet Partner developers, as well as MindArk officials.

In July of 2010, MS9 was offered an official position with the Planet Cyrene Writing Team by Ed Robles 3rd who is the CEO and Creative Director of Digital Scryers, and the developer of Planet Cyrene in partnership with Creative Kingdoms International. The Official Announcement was made public on September 9, 2010.

MS9 has so far produced an ongoing Cyrene - Secrets and Covert Operations series that continues to reveal more about Planet Cyrene prior to launch. This series will continue after launch as well, but MS9 is also involved in writing more official Cyrene storyline as it relates to character development and publication for the future Cyrene Chronicles.

Going forward, MS9 will continue to work on official Cyrene writing projects for future publication, but also expand her Cyrene role-playing and fan fiction involvement prior to and after the launch of Planet Cyrene. She will also incorporate her radio station into her activities to complement events and activities both at the official Cyrene Forum, as well as in-game after Cyrene launches. MindStar Radio also operates 24/7 and plays a jukebox of eclectic music.

As an official staff member of the Planet Cyrene Team, MS9 will also collaborate with Cyrene's Community Manager (Lykke) on special forum and in-game projects to keep Cyrene citizens active and having fun.

There are many yet-to-be-revealed writing and other Cyrene projects, so stay tuned to the official Cyrene Forum for announcements.