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Miki Yurso Phyne - mini profile pic.png
User Name Miki Yurso Phyne
Age 7
Gender (F)
Languages English, bad English, bad French
Country United States.gif United States

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Avatar Name Miki Yurso Phyne
Avatar Gender (F)
Society Just For Fun
Home Planet Planet Calypso
Place Of Arrival Teleporter:Calypso Gateway Teleporter
Date Of Arrival 2013/10/25


Hi, I'm Miki. I'm enjoying exploring Calypso (so far) and discovering all kinds of fun things.

I'm looking for a mentor who is into hunting, mining, and exploring, and who is NOT in my timezone ... probably more like Australia's, since I tend to be a little nocturnal for my own time zone. I'm typically on 09:00-13:00 EUT. Thanks! =)