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ROCKtropia Missions > Reward skill : Anatomy or Athletics or Bravado or Intelligence or Laser Weaponry Technology or Perception or Weapons Handling

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MissionDestinationMission SetMission ChainMission ScopeMission GiverPositionStart ConditionObjectivesRewardsVU
Bones - Trail of BloodROCKtropiaHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 10 WerewolfBravado (~0.02 PED TT)
Boot Camp 1 - Trail By FireROCKtropiaBoot CampExploring(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 50 ZombieWeapons Handling (~0.06 PED TT)
Catscepades 1ROCKtropiaCatscepadesHuntingSgt.Cortiz,(136218, 82087, 252),Kill 100 Wild CatAthletics (~0.42 PED TT)
Dominiques Domination 3ROCKtropiaDominiques DominationHuntingDominique(128734, 96179, 250)Dominiques Domination 2,Kill 1000 Motorhead Security GuardWeapons Handling (~5.01 PED TT)
Hauxleys Hound Dogs 3ROCKtropiaHauxleys Hound DogsCommander Hauxley,(131966, 83384, 236)Hauxleys Hound Dogs 2,Kill 1000 Elvis DragonWeapons Handling (~25.7 PED TT)
Jags and JugularsROCKtropiaHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 500 D-Block Mafia MemberInmates Severed Finger (~ PED TT), Perception (~5.73 PED TT)
NEVERDIE Dragon Control 3ROCKtropiaNEVERDIE Dragon ControlHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)Mission:NEVERDIE Dragon Control 2,Kill 1000 NEVERDIE DragonLaser Weaponry Technology (~31 PED TT)
National Guard - TryoutsROCKtropiaNational GuardHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 1000 ZombieWeapons Handling (~1.29 PED TT)
Punching Bag Workout 1ROCKtropiaWorkout MissionsPunching Bag WorkoutHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 100 SuminaAthletics (~0.93 PED TT)
The Commission of Vampire LeRoux 3ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Commission of Vampire LeRouxHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)The Commission of Vampire LeRoux 2,Kill 1000 Joplin DragonAthletics (~13.88 PED TT)
The Hunt For Captain Petter 3ROCKtropiaThe Hunt For Captain PetterHuntingCpt.Francis(137440, 89000, 103)The Hunt For Captain Petter 2,Kill 1000 Crunk SharkAnatomy (~16.1 PED TT)
The Passions Of Vampire Clarice 1ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Passions Of Vampire ClariceHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 100 Hendrix DragonAnatomy (~2.9 PED TT)
The Revenge Of Montose 3ROCKtropiaThe Revenge Of MontoseHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)The Revenge Of Montose 2,Kill 1000 Motorhead RoyaltyWeapons Handling (~25.68 PED TT)
The Rise Of The Lycans 2ROCKtropiaThe Rise of The LycansHuntingBartos the Lycan(133848, 86823, 304)The Rise Of The Lycans 1,Kill 500 VampireAnatomy (~0.93 PED TT)
The Rise Of The Lycans 3ROCKtropiaThe Rise of The LycansHuntingBartos the Lycan(133848, 86823, 304)The Rise Of The Lycans 2,Kill 1000 VampireAnatomy (~1.85 PED TT)
The Rise Of The Lycans 4ROCKtropiaThe Rise of The LycansHuntingBartos the Lycan(133848, 86823, 304)The Rise Of The Lycans 3,Kill 5000 VampireAthletics (~6.31 PED TT)
The Tale Of Vampire LeCroix 2ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Tale Of Vampire LeCroixHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)The Tale Of Vampire LeCroix 1,Kill 500 PhasmIntelligence (~5.9 PED TT)
The Will And Testament of Vampire Nostra 4ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Will And Testament of Vampire NostraHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)Mission:The Will And Testament of Vampire Nostra 3,Kill 5000 Garcia DragonAthletics (~90.18 PED TT)
Vampire Wars 1ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsVampire WarsHuntingVampress Guard(136209, 95012, 139),Kill 100 WolfAnatomy (~0.07 PED TT)
Zomhattan Boyz DestructionROCKtropiaHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 5000 Zomhattan BoyzBravado (~12.67 PED TT)

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