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ROCKtropia Missions > Mission Set : DJ Global Missions or Police Missions or Vampire Missions & Reward skill : Aim or Dodge or Inflict Melee Damage or Rifile or Weapons Handling

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MissionDestinationMission SetMission ChainMission ScopeMission GiverPositionStart ConditionObjectivesRewardsVU
DJ Global - In The City SearchROCKtropiaDJ Global MissionsHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Loot A Kevin Rudolf In The City AlbumAim (~0.01 PED TT)
DJ Global - To The Sky SearchROCKtropiaDJ Global MissionsHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Loot A To The Sky RecordDodge (~0.01 PED TT)
Police Academy I - Troll Removal ServiceROCKtropiaPolice MissionsPolice AcademyHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 50 Forum TrollAim (~0.05 PED TT)
The Curse Of Vampire Ciera 1ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Curse Of Vampire CieraHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 100 Morrison DragonAim (~2.25 PED TT)
The Curse Of Vampire Ciera 2ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Curse Of Vampire CieraHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)The Curse Of Vampire Ciera 1,Kill 500 Morrison DragonDodge (~4.45 PED TT)
The Hatred Of Vampire Stephano 1ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Hatred Of Vampire StephanoHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 100 FoulAim (~0.14 PED TT)
The History Of Vampire Helena 1ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe History Of Vampire HelenaExploring(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 100 WerewolfAim (~0.45 PED TT)
The History Of Vampire Helena 3ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe History Of Vampire HelenaHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)The History Of Vampire Helena 2,Kill 1000 WerewolfDodge (~1.83 PED TT)
The Passions Of Vampire Clarice 4ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Passions Of Vampire ClariceHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)The Passions Of Vampire Clarice 3,Kill 5000 Hendrix Dragon1 Stamina Token (~ PED TT), Dodge (~42.16 PED TT)

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