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ROCKtropia Missions > Mission Chain : The Curse Of Vampire Ciera or The History Of Vampire Helena or Other & Reward skill : Combat Reflexes or Diagnosis or Handling or Laser Weaponry Technology or Rifile

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MissionDestinationMission SetMission ChainMission ScopeMission GiverPositionStart ConditionObjectivesRewardsVU
100 Pound Bench Press Workout 2ROCKtropiaWorkout Missions100 Pound Bench Press WorkoutHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)100 Pound Bench Press Workout 1,Kill 500 RippersnapperCombat Reflexes (~0.66 PED TT)
Call of Duty - Pop Dragons 3ROCKtropiaCall of DutyHuntingSgt. Willard,,(134592, 85834, 374)Call of Duty - Pop Dragons 2,Kill 1000 Pop DragonCombat Reflexes (~20.8 PED TT)
Castle Passage 2ROCKtropiaCastle PassageHuntingPentagram above the Gate(130040, 97473, 532)Castle Passage 1,Kill 500 Lemmy DragonCombat Reflexes (~11.36 PED TT)
NEVERDIE Dragon Control 3ROCKtropiaNEVERDIE Dragon ControlHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)Mission:NEVERDIE Dragon Control 2,Kill 1000 NEVERDIE DragonLaser Weaponry Technology (~31 PED TT)
National Guard - Support ReconROCKtropiaNational GuardHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)National Guard - Tryouts,Kill 3000 ZombieCombat Reflexes (~3.86 PED TT)
Police Academy II - Soulshaker InvasionROCKtropiaPolice MissionsPolice AcademyHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 100 Soul ShakerCombat Reflexes (~0.05 PED TT)
The Commission of Vampire LeRoux 1ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Commission of Vampire LeRouxHunting(?????, ?????, ?????),Kill 100 Joplin DragonDiagnosis (~0.81 PED TT)
The Commission of Vampire LeRoux 2ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Commission of Vampire LeRouxHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)The Commission of Vampire LeRoux 1,Kill 500 Joplin DragonCombat Reflexes (~10.11 PED TT)
The Hunt For Captain Petter 4ROCKtropiaThe Hunt For Captain PetterHuntingCpt.Francis(137440, 89000, 103)The Hunt For Captain Petter 3,Kill 5000 Crunk SharkCombat Reflexes (~80.5 PED TT)
The Tale Of Vampire LeCroix 3ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Tale Of Vampire LeCroix(?????, ?????, ?????)The Tale Of Vampire LeCroix 2,Kill 1000 PhasmDiagnosis (~6.7 PED TT)
The Will And Testament of Vampire Nostra 2ROCKtropiaVampire MissionsThe Will And Testament of Vampire NostraHunting(?????, ?????, ?????)The Will And Testament of Vampire Nostra 1,Kill 500 Garcia DragonDiagnosis (~5.15 PED TT)

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