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5 Pound Workout 3 +Completing this quest will unlock other workouts  +


8 Coins HQ +Beautiful.  +


A Republic of Letters +Discontinued...  +
A Tank With No Gas +Kill 5 players in PVP behind the Station. When completed Sgt Bill will send you to find Lt Funk to start the "Road to War" chain.  +
A.R.C. Camp Epsilon +Formerly known as "Base Camp Epsilon Teleporter"  +
A.R.C. Camp Oak +Formerly known as "Base Camp Oak Teleporter"  +
A.R.C. Camp Xi +Formerly known as "Base Camp Gamma Teleporter"  +
ACA - En Route to Resolute +old location was [30334, 17824]  +
Aakas +Entrance to the Aakas instances  +
Aloode +Removed in [[12.5.2]]  +
Antonio's BootLeg Bust +Accepting to participate in this quest will have consequences to your regular ROCKtropia Quest activity. If you are a police officer you will be deemed to be a bad cop and will not be able to accept police calls or engage in any police quests or regular citizen quests until you complete the prison quest chain. If you are a regular citizen you will lose access to most quests until you complete the prison quest chain  +
Armor of Heroes +The NPC is missing.  +
Arrival +This is the initial beginner's mission on Next Island. More detailed info about this mission can be found in the official guide [[Arthur's Island Tours: Part One]].  +
Asanbosam Mountain +-  +
Asanbosam Mountain Basecamp +-  +
At the Behest of the High Shaman +You have to loot 560 Mang Chang tusks which don't appear in loot window  +
Atum +Removed in [[12.5.2]]  +


B.A.M.F HeadQuarters +-  +
BAMF HQ +-  +
Bar Job - Making Bank At The Bar +Must have a job at the Billy Bar in order to do this quest.  +
BioDome +-  +
BioDome Badlands +-  +
Biological Research Area +Teleporte added in [[12.4.2|VU 12.4.2]]  +
Blue Crystals for Wilco +Ask for crystal but do not take them  +
Boar Field High +Teleporter added in [[12.4.2|VU 12.4.2]].  +
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