Property:Profession Type Damage

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This is a property of type Page.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Brawler (Dmg)
  • Cryogenic (Dmg)
  • Electro Kinetic (Dmg)
  • Grenadier (Dmg)
  • Gunner (Dmg)
  • Knifefighter (Dmg)
  • One Handed Clubber (Dmg)
  • Pyro Kinetic (Dmg)
  • Ranged BLP (Dmg)
  • Ranged Gauss (Dmg)
  • Ranged Laser (Dmg)
  • Ranged Plasma (Dmg)
  • Swordsman (Dmg)
  • Two Handed Clubber (Dmg)
  • Whipper (Dmg)