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Achelous +For this creature no Description has been documented yet!  +
Aetherex +Aetherex is a large bird-alike creature on Eudoria. They nearly float through the air carried by their huge wings, which are gracefully moving up and down. As a mob Aetherex can be hard to reach, since they fly very high from ground - but when reached they can be very dangerous towards humans.  +
Agrash +"Legend claims the existance of an ancient underground Argonaut world. Guarded by Agrash and Leumed, the legend speaks of great caverns of mystery and sacrifice."  +
Allophyl +The Allophyl, also known as the "Fisherman", is one of the strangest native animals on Calypso. It's extremely tall, but despite this size, its body is very light, allowing its long and slender legs to support its own weight. The Allophyl is a marine animal and lives near the waterside were it primarily feeds on fish and other water animals. Its hunting technique varies from searching the sea bottom to catching free-swimming prey in the water, but its method remains the same. It uses sensitive electrodes on its tentacles to locate the prey, which it then stuns it with an electric charge released into the water between its two slender tentacle arms. The flying Igni insects are sometimes seen hovering around these majestic animals, hoping to extract some of the residue energy from the electric charges that are released while the Allophyl is hunting.  +
Ambulimax +This is one of the stranger Creatures of nature and its name identifies it as a walking slug. It's a rather peaceful omnivore, primarily feeding on fruits and insects but it is also know to scavenge for cadavers  +
Android Video Vixen Clone +These Super Sexy Dancers, hang out at all the cool spots in ROCKtropia but dont be cheeky and try to sweat them  +
Araneatrox +This large quadruped creature has a total of eight limbs. It has the crude appearance of a spider, having four long and thin arms, each equipped with a sharp hooked claw. It's a vicious predator that catches prey with its hooks and rips them apart.  +
Arges Cyclops +For this creature no Description has been documented yet!  +
Argonaut +Argonauts are a race of powerful humanoid carnivores. They are strong and extremely aggressive, making an encounter with them very dangerous.  +
Arkadian Hornet +This native insect, that formerly was rather harmless in size and quantity, has become a pest on Arkadia. The reason, the scientists conclude, is that temperatures have increased due to human activity. It has striking similarities to Earth Hornets, both in life cycle and physiology.  +
Armax Bull +This is a large male xenosaur equipped with an impressive armament of horns, thick plate armor and a club on the end of its tail. Its full scientific name is Armaxenosaur and it's an herbivore that feeds on any type of vegetation, even in barren landscapes were it uses its tusks to dig for water or roots. The bull walks alone or as the sole leader of a small group of Armax cows. Alone it's quite peaceful but when it's with a herd it will defend its cows at all cost and become very aggressive.  +
Armax Cow +This is a large female xenosaur. Its armament might not be as impressive and effective as that of the Armax Bull, but it's still very capable of defending itself. The full scientific name of this herbivore is Armaxenosaur. It feeds on any type of vegetation, even in barren landscapes were it uses its tusks to dig for water or roots. The Armax cow rarely ever walks alone and is most often found in small groups with other cows lead by a large bull. Its natural enemies are carnivorous xenosaurs.  +
Armored Whiskerfish +For this creature no Description has been documented yet!  +
Asterion +For this creature no Description has been documented yet!  +
Atrax +Also known by its more correct scientific name Atraxenosaurus, the teeth and double set of jaws on these vicious xenosaurian carnivores are made for killing and tearing flesh apart. With such a massive bulk they are capable of stalking and striking down prey much larger than themselves. Thankfully, these powerful predators rarely hunt in packs, at least not the grown adults who usually hunt alone or in pairs. Younger and less experienced siblings are known to hunt in small family groups for a period before reaching a mature age. Equipped with sharp night vision, they usually hunt under the cover of night, which is why they're also known by a more sinister nickname - the Dark Dinos. (Strange enough because there is no night on the planet they inhabit) Although many colonists can take on a prowler, the next step in maturity, the stalker, is an immensely powerful creature that requires very heavy armor and fap to survive an encounter. The atrax stalker could even be considered tougher than it's atrox equivalent due to the atrox hitting less to trade off for the new regen.  +
Atrox +The real name of this massive carnivore is Atroxenosaur. It has a short and stocky appearance due to its dumpy tail. The Atrox may look slow and clumsy but it's a formidable predator with four characteristic arms to grab on to its prey.  +
Attacker +With its slim shape and powerful weapons array, the Attacker is a brutal opponent in urban, jungle and other close combat areas. The Attacker is the weakest robot ingame.  +
Aurli +This creature can only be found on Crystal Palace Space Station, in dome 1 and 2 you can find low maturity ones, in dome 3 and 4 you can find high maturity ones.  +
Avatar of Force +Force incarnate.  +
Avatar of War +War incarnate.  +


Bahri +Bahri is a vicious hunter. Known to be highly intelligent, with multiple brains that focus collectively on his prey. To be avoided at all cost.  +
Beladoth +Large and frightening with its natural body armour, the Beladoth is a strange Creature indeed, and will go out of its way to attack and potential threat. It is quiet, strong, and well protected, and is capable of doing serious damage and withstanding quite an array of threats  +
Berycled +A swift dinosaur-like predator on two legs. Usually hunts in small packs. Commonly referred to as a "Chicken" by colonists, due to its resemblance to an Earth chicken.  +
Big Bulk +Built to with-stand massive punishment, the Big Bulk pushes its way across the battlefield, clearing a path for other Drone forces behind it. This robot is rarly, if ever, seen on the surface of Calypso during the normal course of events, but has been known to turn up during events. However, it is encountered on beacon missions sightly more often than it is seen on the planet. They seem to have been spotted NW of tukar  +
Boorum Female +The first shocking encounter with this new species took place when mining teams were excavating new underground areas below the Hjorten building in New Oxford.  +
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