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Planet Arkadia
File:Arkadia Icon.png Welcome to the Planet Arkadia Portal! Here you can find regularly updated infomation about Planet Arkadia.
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"I exist as Sal’diresh, last remaining Knight of the world Arkadia. Hopeless is our chance of survival."
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The Oratan are believed to be the race warned of in The Signal, intercepted by the Celeste Space Probe, which would mean this species inflicted genocide on the Ancient Arkadian people.

As such, the Oratan should not be underestimated under any circumstances, either individually or collectively.

As a species, they appear to revel in battle and killing, specifically targetting human coloonists on Arkadia.

They have also shown a tendency to loot and steal, appearing in particular to crave technology. Advanced weapons appear to be within their ability to use, but beyond their capability to develop for themselves.

The Imperial Federal Navy knows very little of the origins of the Oratan.

However, the destruction of the Ancient Arkadians at their hands seems certain and the threat they pose to humanity is very real and immediate.

Be well-equipped and show no mercy.

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