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Official Release Notes[edit]

Good morning, Islanders! Today’s content update is a pretty major one. Here’s what you can expect after your download:

  • New missions in and around Crystal Resort
  • Changes to mob location and intensity
  • Elysian starter clothes
  • New building and areas in Crystal.
  • New Greek clothes
  • Quest-based timetravel to Ancient Greece
  • LOTS of improvements and changes in our Ancient Greece realm

Most importantly, though, this update introduces the Elysians, who were the first colonists on Next Island. New players will start in Crystal, which is now a safe, social area with lots of missions. You’ll meet a First Wave explorer, some Elysian android helpers (who may need your help, too!), and some Second Wave colonists, who’re now working as traders and repairers.

We’ve been working really hard on this, and pulling some crazy hours here. This wouldn’t be possible without our amazing game producer, Harold Sipe, and our awesome new QA team. I’d like to thank our New York team for their endless hours and great attitudes, even when things looked impossible. Thanks, guys!

We hope you enjoy the new Crystal Resort area and Ancient Greece realm, and we’re looking forward to many more content releases for Next Island!

Today’s VU met with a bug that didn’t turn up in our QA pre-release. A number of players became trapped in Ancient Greece’s Underworld when they died in game. We (developers and myself) have been looking at this issue since we learned of it late this morning.

In the longer term we will be addressing a code issue with this but in the short term we are working to resolve this issue for you in the following ways:

1) Any player trapped in the Underworld will be moved by support back to Thebes. If you are experiencing an issue this way please file a ticket with Entropia support and it will be addressed. I will confirm as soon as I learn this is the case, but it won’t occur until tomorrow at the earliest.

2) All of the Underworld teleporters will be set with Thebes visible as the destination to all players, and that should resolve any player being trapped in this environment. We are working to push this out as quickly as possible and I will confirm as soon as this is done.

3) We are already at work on a patch dealing with several issues we want to tweak in this release, and this will be addressed with what will hopefully be a long-term solution in this patch. As soon as I have the final date on that, we will share that with you.

Thank all of you for playing the new content and offering thoughts on it. All of us want players to have a fun and engaging experience on Next Island and we are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue.

Harold Sipe, Producer

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