Mission:Helen Venture's Hunting Party

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General Information[edit]

Comment by designer Caitlin Conner:

"Helen Venture is my favorite character ever. I guess that’s an incredibly arrogant thing to say because I wrote her, but in a crazy way when you write a character for long enough sometimes they become like a good friend rather than something you made up. She was originally created because we needed some tutorials for the website and I asked if they could be character-driven. The first tutorial on my list was hunting. I really didn’t want to go the usual route of making a character who was a former marine hopped up on testosterone who can and will bring out your inner killer.

Instead I created a character who at heart is a woman from the real world who escaped her life to become a fictional character. She left behind a fiance and a family to take up a fake name and a new identity and live out her childhood fantasy of being a great explorer. The only part of her identity that crossed over is her total commitment to lame humor and bad puns.

The terrible humor worked well for a tutorial guide because tutorials in their purest form are about as entertaining as toaster manuals, no one reads them. My goal in writing Helen’s tutorials has always been to sneak the relevant information in between jokes."

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Mission Walkthrough[edit]

Mission Helen Ventures Hunting Party Walkthrough Flowchart.jpg

Mission Chain[edit]

No Mission Chain available or specified.

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