Mission:Gather part from Trooper robot

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Mission Name Gather part from Trooper robot
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StartingLocation Fort Troy
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Helpful Teleporters Fort Troy
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Related Locations Fort Troy
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  • Destroy 25 Trooper robots (0/25)
  • Gather one Radiator part from Trooper robot
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Unavoidable Enemies Trooper
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Hunt 25 Trooper robots and gather one Radiator Robot Radiator part. Bring the part to Genesis Star personnel at East Scylla Mountains for study.

In-Game Description[edit]

Genesis Star Corporation is hiring armed and able colonists for gathering of robot parts in the region. The robot parts will be used in scientific studies to repel the robot threat and insure a safe future for Calypso and mankind.

Destroy 25 Trooper robots. Gather one Robot Radiator part from the Trooper robots.

Hand over the part to Genesis Star personnel at East Scylla Mountains.

Genesis Star will not accept parts from outdated models, heavily damaged parts or parts with fried circuitry.










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