Mission:Catscepades 1/ROCKtropiaForum

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Mission: Catscepades 1
The name of the mission.
Destination: ?
The destination where you can find this mission. Destinations on Planet ROCKtropia are: ROCKtropia, Hell, Hunt The THING
Mission Set:
The mission set this missions belongs to. Mission set is rather a soft term to categorizs a number of missions with something in common.
Mission Chain: Catscepades
The mission chain this mission belongs to. Missions in a mission chain depend on each other.
Initial Mission: ?
Indicates whether or not this mission is an initial mission of a mission chain.
Required Mission:
Indicates which mission is required to be completed in order to start this mission.
Mission Giver: Sgt.Cortiz,
The NPC or other objects from where you can get this mission.
Position: (136,218, 82,087, 252) Unknown extension tag "clippy"
The ingame position of the Mission Giver.
Closest Teleporter: Panta Ridge
The Teleporter closest to the Mission Giver.
Objectives: Kill 100 Wild Cat
Objectives that need to be accomplished in order to complete this mission.
Repeatable: Never
Indicates whether or not this mission is repeatable.
Cost-free: X (No)
Indicates whether or not this mission can be completed without spending any PED.
For Beginners: false
Indicates whether or not this mission is suitable for beginners.
Reward: Athletics (~0.42 PED TT)
The rewards given for the completion of this mission.