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- Astronomical Units, a measurement for distance in Space


  • BA = Battle Arena
  • BA = Battle Arena Deeds
  • BB = Chat term: Bye Bye
  • BRB = Chat term: Be Right Back
  • BRT = Chat term: Be Right There
  • BTW = Chat term: By The Way
  • Beacon; a robot beacon is an item granting access to instances for team operations: Beacon Missions
  • Biodome; Biodomes are large facilities that host whole ecosystems seperated from the original environments at the place. Biodomes can be found on the space locations Club NEVERDIE and Crystal Palace Space Station. Another example is the Zomhattan BioDome on ROCKtropia.
  • BLP= Binary Liquid Propellant; weapon type, ammunition type and profession type
  • B/O, BO = Buyout - Used in auction sales, and allows the buyer to instantly buy the item instead of having to wait for the auction to run it's course.
  • BP = Blueprint
  • BPC = Blueprint Comprehension, an unlockable skill
  • BS = [Battle Simulator], a universal competitive time trial instance


  • (C) = Customizable, indicates that the item can have custom colors and textures.
  • Caly = Calypso, the first planet in Entropia Universe
  • CC = Cape Corinth or Credit Card.
  • CD = Compet Deeds, a kind of stocks allowing Entropia Universe players to receive a 'share' of Compet's revenues
  • CE2 = CryEngine2, the current game engine of Entropia Universe
  • CG = Calypso Gateway, the area for beginners on Planet Calypso
  • CH = Celeste Harbor, hub city on Planet Arkadia
  • CI = Camp Icarus, the location where new players arrive on Planet Calypso after leaving Calypso Gateway
  • CL = Client Loader, the software installed on your computer to start and update Entropia Universe
  • CLD = Calypso Land Deed(s), a program that allows Entropia Universe participants to buy a 'share' of Planet Calypso's revenues
  • CND = Club NEVERDIE, former given name for the in-game object called "Asteriod" nowadays known as F.O.M.A. Fortuna, further CNDs can be found on ROCKtropia and Next Island
  • coords = the coordinates of a location, in the default keybord set you can press P to see the coords of your avatar
  • CoS = Chance of Success - the chance of successfully manufacturing an item.
  • CP = Crystal Palace Space Station
  • CPD = ComPet Deeds
  • CR, CR1, CR2 = Control Room, Control Room 1, Control Room 2, locations on the Asteroid where people revive and meet to trade and chat
  • CTD = Crash To Desktop, unexpected crash of a computer program taking the user back to desktop (Wikipedia:Crash to desktop)
  • CU = See You


  • Death, Deathi, Deathifier = "Zachurm Deathifier Ermergen", the avatar name of David Storey who is the 'owner' of Treasure Island
  • DA Manager = "Digital Abduction Manager", the avatar that NEVERDIE Studios hired to be a go between between the studio and various rock groups. He was in charge of various LAs and Booths on ROCKtropia. Unfortunately he tried to trade with these assets, which was against Neverdie protocol, which resulted in NDS repossessing the estate deeds DA Manager. This change caused DA Manager, Neverdie Partner to become an ex-NEVERdie Partner, i.e. DA M(N) lost his N association, and is now just one of the damned.
  • DeepToken = DeepToken
  • depo = Depositing money into Entropia Universe
  • depositer = Someone Depositing money into Entropia Universe, in contrast to a "non-depositor"
  • DTA = DeepToken



  • (F) = Female, items with this label can only be worn by female avatars
  • FAP = Fast Aid Pack, an item used to heal yourself or others.
  • FL = Friend List
  • FN = Force Nexus
  • FOMA, F.O.M.A = F.O.M.A. - Fortuna
  • FPC = First Planet Company, the company owning and developing Planet Calypso before they have been acquired by SEE VW and renamed to SDS


  • GG= Good Going or Good Game
  • G2G, g2g, GTG = used in chat for "Got to go"
  • GD = Green Dot, the representation of another player on the Radar
  • GL = Good Luck
  • global = Loot worth 50 PED TT or more, message transmitted via th global chat channel
  • Gratz = used in chat for "Congratulations"
  • Guides = players who worked as guides for newbies in the offical guides program, for a how-to-play guide please refer to Entropia Universe Guide
  • Gyro = A series of healing tools originating on Planet Arkadia
  • Gz = used in chat for "Congratulations"



  • IMHO = In My Humble Opinoin
  • Imp = Improved - A (usually) better than adjusted version of an item.
  • IRL = In Real Life


  • Jasons, JC = Jason Centre, a teleporter on Eudoria
  • JB = Jurai Blood society. Jb is one of the oldest societies in EU 'born' in PE on March 18th 2004 the 14th to be formed with a long history as one of the top 50 socieites in game.
  • JK = Just Kidding


  • KS = Kill steal, kill stealing, kill stealer; referring to the method of taking more than 50% of a creature's health after it has already been injured by another avatar (most damage gets the loot)


  • (L) = Limited - indicating that the item un-repairable and has a limited amount of uses before it breaks.
  • LA = Land Area - a piece of land that is avatar owned or controlled.
  • lat = Latitude
  • Lemmys or Lemmy's; the Motörhead Area on ROCKtropia
  • LG = Land Grab - A PvP event where societies battle against eachother in order to claim land areas and have the right to manage these for a set period of time.
  • LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
  • LOL = Laughing Out Loud
  • long = Longitude


  • Mob = Movable OBject - commonly used term for creatures or other types of enemies one might encounter
  • Mod = Modified - A better than improved version of an item.
  • Monria = Monria is the moon sold in Entropia Universe for USD 150,000 in April 2013.
  • MS = Mothership
  • MSM = MindStarMedia



  • OJ = Orange Jumpsuit, the clothes new arrivals on Planet Calypso use to wear
  • OLA = Outback land area, avatar owned land areas found on Calypso's continent Amethera.
  • Omegaton City = Omegaton West Habitat, aka Omegaton City is a town located in Calypso's continent of Amethera. It is located South of Sarah's Allophyl Farm, Northwest of Neas Place, and Northeast of Atrax Beach. There are many participant owned apartments and shops in this location.
  • OP =
    • Outpost, remote location with a Revival Terminal and most likely some other terminals but without a Teleporter
    • on forums original post/original poster
  • OMG = Oh My God
  • OMW = On My Way


  • PA = Port Atlantis, the starting city on Planet Calypso
  • Paysafecard = one of the providers/methods to deposit money to EU, wikipedia: Paysafecard
  • PC = Participant Content, images & videos players can upload on displays in game
  • PCAB = Planet Calypso AB, the Planet Parter developing Planet Calypso
  • PCF = Planet Calypso Forum
  • PE = Project Entropia - original name of the Entropia Universe.
  • PED = Project Entropia Dollar, the ingame currency. 1PED = $0.10
  • PEC = Project Entropia Cent, 1 PEC = 0.01PED
  • PK = Player Killer (often PK'er) or Player Kill.
  • POI = Point Of Interest
  • pos =
    • Position, represented by longtitude, latitude and height, can be displayed for your avatar in Chat by pressing "P"
    • Chat command, "/pos" creates a Waypoint link in Chat that can be added to the map by simply clicking it
  • PSC = Paysafecard, one of the providers/methods to deposit money to EU, wikipedia: Paysafecard
  • PvE = Player vs. Environment
  • PvP = Player vs. Player or Participant vs. Participant. Most commonly used in the sense of players battling against other players, but also for PvP trade where two players use the trade interface to conduct a trade.
  • PvP-area = An area where players can wound and kill each other.


  • Quad = Quadwing Interceptor, a flying vehicle with space travel capability
  • QR = Quality Rating, an attribute of a Blueprint and important variable for the Chance of Success



  • SB = Start Bid
  • SC = Shop Container or Swamp Camp
  • SDS = SEE Digital Studios (formerly known as First Planet Company), the development studio of SEE Virtual Worlds
  • SEE, SEE VW = SEE Virtual Worlds, company who was supposed to created several planets for EU
  • SGA = Second Golden Age, a period of time on Planet Calypso with special versions of items in loot
  • SI = Structural Integrity, the "Hit Points" of specific vehicle
  • SI = Secret Island, a location on ROCKtropia
  • SIB = Skill Increase Bonus
  • Soc = Society
  • Space, well: Space
  • stackables, items which be stacked up in inventory, in contrast to unstackable items of which each occupies its space in inventory
  • Sweating = Collecting Sweat from creatures
  • Swunting = Combination from Sweating and Hunting = killing creatues after sweating them


  • TCI = The Calypso Independence, an Entropia Universe Magazine released between September 2005 and August 2006
  • TCP = The Calypso Post, an Entropia Universe Magazine released between November 2006 and February 2008
  • TEN = Tenth Entropia New year; a period of time celebrating Entropia Universe's tenth "birthday" with special items in loot
  • TI = Treasure Island, the first real estate on Calypso that broke the world record for most expensive virtual object.
  • TP = Teleporter (can be done either by using the stationary Teleports or by using a teleport chip)
  • TT = Trade Terminal is the terminal at which one can sell everything for "TT Value" and also buy basic equipment and commonly used consumables, also used as further abreviaton of "TT Value"
  • TT-value = Term used to describe somethings base value (not taking Market Value into account). It is the value an item has when sold to the Trade Terminal.
  • TW, T:W = Theryon Wars, an upcoming planet in Entropia Universe
  • Twins = Twin Peaks, a town in Eudoria
  • TY, ty = "thank you", used in chat
  • TOU = Terms of Use


  • Ukash = one of the providers/methods to deposit money to EU, wikipedia: Ukash
  • Underworld = a sub-area of Planet Arkadia
  • unl, unlimited = unlimited items which are repairable in constrast to limited items which are not usable anymore as soon as they reach their condition limit
  • UL = unlimited, items which are repairable in constrast to limited items which are not usable anymore as soon as they reach their condition limit
  • UU = Universe United, one of the Top 10 societies considering skills value


  • Valk = Valkyrie Series, a series of vehicles ("buggy")
  • Vivo = a series of healing tools originating on Planet Calypso
  • VSE
    • Vibrant Sweat Extractor, a tool used for Sweating
    • Vehicle Structural Engineer, the profession associated with vehicle repair tools
  • VT = Virtual Tycoon, an official EU App for mobile devices running the Android OS
  • VTOL = Commonly used for referring to any Vertical Take Off & Landing aircraft/spacecraft
  • VU = Version Update
  • VU10 = Version Update 10 - migration from the old Gamebryo engine to the new CryEngine 2; can be considered the most significant VU of Entropia Universe


  • Wave, Wave Event = ???, -> Wave Events
  • WB, wb = "Welcome back", used in chat
  • WoF, WOF = "World of Firepower", an annual event in Entropia Universe
  • WP = Waypoint, a specific position on a map, also can be a objective in a mission
  • WTG = Way To Go


  • X-Fire = "a proprietary freeware instant messaging service for gamers" -> wikipedia: X-Fire


  • YW, yw = "you are welcome"; used in chat