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The Entropia Universe Codex is an in-game creature directory and tracking system implemented with VU 16.5 in September 2019.

How to get entries[edit]

To get a creature added to the Codex you need to scan it or attack it.

Intitial release notes[edit]

  • The Codex is a repository for creature information and missions. Additional features are planned to be added to the Codex in the future
  • This first version of the Codex features creature entries that are unlocked by encountering creatures while exploring the universe.
  • Codex entries can be unlocked by scanning or by participating in the kill of a creature (including healing and absorbing damage).
  • Every creature entry has an associated Hunting Challenge comprised of 26 stages, with the last stage being repeatable.
  • Hunting Challenge missions are now automatically begun once a qualifying creature is killed; there is no need to visit a mission terminal or mission NPC.
  • Hunting Challenge rewards are distributed by the Codex.
  • Hunting Challenge progress supports group hunts, and is not dependent upon an avatar being a member of a team, nor is it dependent on a creature having shared loot enabled. All participants of a qualifying creature kill will gain Hunting Challenge progress relative to contribution. (Loot distribution mechanics are unaffected by the changes to mission progress).
  • All avatars start at Stage One of the Hunting Challenge for all creatures in the Codex.