EBN: Holy Hunkies!

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File:Logo Planet Calypso 16px.png 07 July 2006

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EBN: Holy Hunkies!

07 Jul 2006

EBN have just received the following picture from colonist Marcus Moody from somewhere deep in the outback. Just when we were starting to feel safe, our worst fears seem to have been realised as we see a group of delighted Feffoids dancing around what appears to be the Atrox Queen's Egg!!

Obviously the Feffoids got their hands on the egg while our brave colonists were fighting off the Queen.

Feffoid Gathering Unique Green Atrox Queen Egg.jpg

We always knew the Feffoids weren't our greatest friends, but now we know that they're out to make life as hard as possible for us. Are we going to let the dim witted Feffoids try to raise a new pet? Is there anybody out there ready to find the camp and destroy the egg?


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