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EBN: Atrox Alarm

08 Jun 2006

Fort Ithaca is again in the news this week, following the brutal mauling of colonist SirAttack by an Atrox Marauder on the southern outskirts of the settlement last week. With abnormally high pheromone readings reported by Zoological Scouts earlier this year, we asked Professor Nus Magsun from the Zoological Institute if there was any explanation to the sudden appearance of these fierce new beasts.

"The Atrox", explained the Professor "is a truly fascinating animal. While Marauders are a rare sight, I believe they are an excellent indication of the status of the herd's reproductive cycle. Shortly after I arrived on Calypso", he continued "I was lucky enough to be on an expedition in the area just west of where Fort Argus stands today. We had encountered Alphas and Dominants all over the continent for many years, but suddenly we began noticing new larger and more aggressive Atroxes like the Marauders. This was to lead us to one of the greatest discoveries about the Atrox species..."

EBN has contacted all the local authorities on Calypso after this alarming report, and urges all colonists to be on the lookout for these diabolical fore bearers.


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