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Moblist thumb Eomon.png
Name Eomon     Combat
Origin Planet Calypso     Attacks
Destination(s) Calypso     Range
Class Animal     Aggression
Movement Flying     Tamable No
Sweatable Yes     Version Update

This is an incredibly massive animal with six legs needed to support its own weight. A hard skin armor combined with its size is enough to keep most predators away, making this creature one of the largest herbivores on the planet.





LevelSweatHealth LevelDamage
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEomon Young5,020139525020502¦class=fa fa-pencil
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEomon Mature5,240152595240524¦class=fa fa-pencil
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEomon Old8,450159688450845¦class=fa fa-pencil
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEomon Provider9,200169729200920¦class=fa fa-pencil
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEomon Guardian9,660174759660966¦class=fa fa-pencil
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEomon Dominant9,730184789730973¦class=fa fa-pencil
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEomon Alpha9,880195819880988¦class=fa fa-pencil
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEomon Old Alpha11,23021389112301,123¦class=fa fa-pencil
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEomon Prowler13,45023098134501,345¦class=fa fa-pencil
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEomon Stalker18,720289124187201,872¦class=fa fa-pencil
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEomon Patriarch24,560121245602,456¦class=fa fa-pencil


MissionDestinationMission ChainMission ScopeMission GiverPositionStart ConditionObjectivesRewardsVU
Bronze Eomon ChallengeCalypsoIron Challenge Eomon Mission ChainHuntingNikki von Han(87018, 78441, 106)Iron Challenge: 1000 Eomon, |Kill 500 Eomon of maturity Old or higherAND choice between 1 EWE EP-51 Eomon (L) (~ PED TT), Diagnosis (~12.50 PED TT) OR 1 Geotrek LP550 Eomon (L) (~ PED TT), Diagnosis (~12.50 PED TT) OR 1 EWE EP-51 Eomon (L) (~ PED TT), Rifle (~33.81 PED TT) OR 1 Geotrek LP550 Eomon (L) (~ PED TT), Rifle (~33.81 PED TT)11.0.3
Iron Challenge: 1000 EomonCalypsoIron Challenge Eomon Mission ChainHuntingNikki von Han(87018, 78441, 106)X, XKill 1000 EomonMission:Bronze Eomon Challenge11.0.3
Iron Challenge: 250 EomonCalypsoIron Challenge Eomon Mission ChainHuntingNikki von Han(87018, 78441, 106)X, XKill 250 EomonMission:Iron Challenge: 1000 Eomon11.0.3
Iron Challenge: 50 EomonCalypsoIron Challenge Eomon Mission ChainHuntingNikki von Han(87018, 78441, 106)X, XKill 50 EomonMission:Iron Challenge: 250 Eomon11.0.3


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No Eomon spawns documented yet!

Creature Control[edit]

Creature Control documentation methods are not done yet!


* the average number of kills this item usually needs to drop at least once

Item Frequency Last VU
Animal Brain Oil Event 9.4.4
Animal Heart Oil Rare 9.4.4
Animal Hide Very often 9.4.4
Animal Kidney Oil Event 9.4.4
Animal Liver Oil Common 9.4.4
Animal Oil Residue Very often 9.4.4
Animal Spleen Oil Common 9.4.4
Basic Target Assessment Unit Rare 9.4.4
Bear Thigh guards Unknown 8.6.3
Cempball-Welch 1/P-1 Common 9.4.4
Empty Skill Implant (L) Common 9.4.4
Eomon Skin Unknown 9.4.4
Eon Harness Extremely rare 8.6.3
Fine Hide Very often 9.4.4
Fine Wool Unknown 9.4.4
FreanD Beta BLP Pistol Rare 9.4.4
Genesis Tesla Sword (L) Unknown 9.4.4
Isis BL1300 (L) Uncommon 9.4.4
Isis BL1450 (L) Rare 9.4.4
Isis LR48 (L) Rare 9.4.4
Isis LR53 (L) Modified Rare 9.4.4
Isis LR66 (L) Rare 9.3.6
Jaguar Harness (L) Rare 9.3.6
Korss H350 (L) Often 8.6.3
Lysterium stone Common 9.4.4
Marber Bravo-Type Plasma Annihilator Rare 9.4.4
Martial Arm guards (L) Rare 9.3.6
Martial Harness (L) Unknown 9.4.4
Martial Thigh Guards (L) Rare 9.4.4
Nemesis Helmet Unknown 8.6.3
Omegaton ASG-3 Warthog Unknown 8.6.3
Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-5 Event 9.3.6
Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-90 Unknown 9.4.4
Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Adjusted Rare 9.4.4
Riker UL3 (L) Modified Unknown 8.12.3
Sentinel Gloves (L) Unknown 9.4.4
Shadow Thigh Guards Event 9.4.4
Soft Hide Very often 9.4.4
Supremacy Harness (L) Unknown 9.3.6
Supremacy Helmet (L) Unknown 9.3.6
Vumpoor J Ero (L) Rare 9.4.4
Wool Unknown 9.4.4



ID Value Date Maturity Avatar
01 31713 2009/04/20 Mature Team "U & A"
02 8122 2008/11/17 Young Team "Vi vet vad en bad beat är.."
03 3189 Unknown Prowler Team "Crater "fun""
04 1784 2008/11/19 Stalker Team "Eomon your momma"
05 1766 2008/11/19 Old Alpha Team "Eomon your momma"
06 1713 2008/11/19 Prowler Team "M2S Legends & a Cobra"
07 1710 2008/11/17 Alpha Team "M2S Legends of Pokemon"
08 1667 2008/11/18 Stalker Team "Emovixenom"
09 1633 Unknown Old Team "~Eomonmania~"
10 1608 2008/11/19 Prowler M2S|cK Eomonbanging"
11 1520 2008/11/15 Young Team Goob & Tabby CTF"
12 1499 2008/11/18 Mature Team "-=SDWE & H-E=-"
13 1464 2008/11/19 Stalker Team "Eomon your momma"
14 1460 2008/11/17 Prowler "M2S Eomon Patrol"
15 1416 2008/11/17 Young Team "blue eyes ninja"


Taming has not been re-implemented yet.

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