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Further CryEngine 2 update, Xfire building, Eviscerator Robot, new weapons
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CryENGINE®2 Update

Adaptation of the CryENGINE®2 for the Entropia Universe platform is proceeding well. The process of making CryENGINE®2 suitable for independent Entropia planet development is in line with the planned time scale.

Since the previous update on May 20th this year, all interaction panels have been successfully converted, employing improved design, effects and implementation techniques available through the CryENGINE®2. Following the textures and animations update in VU9.3, existing items are now being converted and introduced into the new Entropia environment.

The next period will see further infrastructure development and the completion of the audio integration process.

Dr. Almon Duchevs Logs

Leaked information suggests a new batch of logs from Dr. Almon Duchev will reveal how Duchev, while held prisoner in the strange realm beyond the orb, was forced to conduct scientific research for his captors, during which he discovered new materials which could be molded to amazing effect.

Essential in his subsequent escape from the demented realm, it seems Duchev created a wide range of fantastic new items like a camouflage body suit, great wings, rams horns and other exotic ceremonial paraphernalia which he used to disguise himself and flee from his savage captors. How much of it that made it back through the orb, and who may be in deadly pursuit is up to Calypso’s colonists to find out.

Xfire Building & Hours d'Entropia Competitions

In a strengthening of the partnership between Entropia and Xfire, an Xfire building has now been constructed in Port Atlantis. The official inauguration of the building will take place in September 17th, when official Xfire and Mindark avatars will preside over the prize ceremony for the new Play To Win and Video competitions beginning on September 2nd.

Stay tuned to the official Entropia and Xfire websites for further details today on how to enter these competitions and win specially designed Xfire Survival equipment for your adventures on Calypso.

Rx Unit 472 Report Transmission Intercept

Operation Relay… Primary Objective: Prevent new weapon technology from falling into colonist hands…. Result: FAILURE Recommendation: DEPLOY EVISCERATOR


A range of new clothing and fashion items have been introduced, as well Japanese inspired furniture and useful domestic items and appliances which are waiting to be discovered.

Other Enhancements

Issues with avatar movement speed not being affected by inventory weight reduction operations e.g. ore refining, have been fixed. Market stalls in Hadesheim working correctly. Turret added to LA6. Revival Terminals added to LA 5 and LA9.

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