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Beauty and Tailoring updates. Armor decay changes
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A range of cosmetic products including foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, cosmetic pens, lipstick, rouge, powder, face paint and more have been added to the Beauty System. The new Make Up system allows avatars to customize special make up masks for themselves and others. Please read the new Beauty section of the Participants Guide for further details.

This new system is not connected to avatar skills and is a trial in basing a system on participant's real world skills.

A new 'Beauty' section has been included in the Action Library containing all the necessary actions for the make up procedure.

Forty new hairstyles have been introduced to the beauty system.


The tailoring system has been enhanced with the addition of Material Texture customization options. All existing colorable items are now customizable, meaning participants can apply and remove custom colors and material textures.

Using new blueprints and extractors, Material Textures can now be manufactured from a range of well known minerals, precious stones and more. Using a new Texturizer tool, the Material Textures can then be applied to the various fields of customizable clothing. A range of further items including furniture will also be customizable in the near future.

The Colorator tool and Bleacher Attachment have received a visual update.

For further instructions on how to apply unique Material Textures to clothes, please read the new Tailoring section of the Participants Guide.

Entropia Universe Login

In order to further increase account security, Login and Password entry fields have been moved from the Login Window to the Entropia Universe Client. Launching the Entropia Universe Client is still carried out from the Login Window.


Armor Foot Guards

A new body armor part has been added. Armor foot guards are now included in hit location calculations. Accordingly, the hit rate on the different body armor parts has been adjusted.

Limited Armor Sets

A large range of new limited versions of previous existing armor sets have been introduced. All limited armors and limited armor platings, old and new, have received a 10000 point increase in durability to give them a competitive edge.

Armor Deterioration Adjustment

As before, absorbing massive damage in a single hit decays armor more than when absorbing equivalent damage over several minor hits. This difference in armor decay between the massive single attack and the multiple minor attacks has been reduced, meaning the massive single attack will decay armor slightly less and the multiple minor attacks will decay armor slightly more. This is an effort to make attack effects fairer.

The overall deterioration level remains the same.

Avatar Skills

  • The Avatar Info panel has been removed. Skill details can now be found in the new Avatar Skills panel (automatically mapped to the original Avatar Info key).
  • An 'All Categories' option has also been included which now contains Promoter Rating and Reputation skills.
  • The previous system of rank grade rating e.g. Capable (Grade 1), Competent (Grade 2) etc. has been replaced by a graphical representation of rank progression.
  • Sorting options are available for Skill Name, Rank and Points by clicking column titles. Market History value information is also available when extracting skill points.
  • The Avatar Skills panel also saves your last view when you close the panel, presenting it again the next time you open the Avatar Skills panel during the same session. The panel is reset when you log out.
  • Mentor and Disciples info can now be viewed using the Mentor & Disciples action from the System section of the Action Library.
  • Choice in avatar name display has been removed. All avatar full names are now displayed.
  • The 'Make Cloth' skill has been renamed to 'Make Textile'.

Key Mapping

  • When dropping an action or item icon on an existing desktop icon, an option will be offered to automatically map the new item/action to the key that was mapped to the previous existing item/action.


  • Spacecraft are no longer locked to their home hangars. Spacecraft can now travel to any hangar the spacecraft owner may own.
  • In order to be able to operate a spaceship, the hangar needs to be unrestricted.

Hall Of Fame

  • All Hall Of Fame lists now include the top 100 entries.


  • Graphical issues with the Leather Duster Coat have been fixed.
  • Adjustments to Pleat Coat (M) to remove holes on the back.
  • Holes in the Tank Top have been removed.
  • Luna Line Pulsar Pants now have the right pattern and color.
  • The droplet skirt can now be removed by dragging it to the inventory as with other clothes.
  • Thrill Seeker Actions Shorts colors have been fixed.
  • Urban Pattern Shirt (F,C) color fields corrected.

Condition Limit

  • The condition limit indicator now displays the usable condition range e.g. the top 10% condition for items with a 90% condition limit.

Calypso Buildings

  • The fifth and final bank has been introduced to Atlas Haven. Also, a Chinese CRD (Cyber Recreational Development Corp.) building has been introduced to New Oxford.


  • A new dedicated local chat channel for trade has been introduced. Participants are requested to use this channel for repeated trade announcements.

Land Management

  • As changes in land management can only be made once every 24 hours, the 'Ok' button in the Land Management panel is disabled during this period.
  • Improvement Points are no longer drawn while the server is down.

Items, Actions, Professions & Skills

  • A large number of new items, actions, professions and skills have been added to support new systems introduced to the Entropia Universe.
  • A number of surprises are also to be discovered.


  • New tracks have been included for your adventures on Calypso, including several specially written PvP tracks.

Entropia Universe Website

  • The 'My Items' section of the website now displays all items in their correct ?Container? e.g. Carried, World, Stored, Estate, Shopkeeper, Auction etc.
  • Increased PayNova 3.0 deposit options are now available from the Deposit section of the website.
  • Gold Card users are now able to edit more account details at the 'My Section' area of the Entropia Universe website.


  • The most common Client Crash causes have been fixed.
  • Measures have been carried out to reduce the occurrence of 'loot-lag'.
  • Internal technical tasks for the migration of Entropia Universe to the CryENGINE 2 platform have been performed.
  • Technical enhancements have been implemented to the Entropia Universe server park to increase up-time even more.

Other Enhancements

  • One of the boundary walls around the Port Atlantis bio lab has been adjusted to prevent avatars getting trapped within the complex.
  • A bug allowing the instant charging of MindForce chips by initiating the 'sweat' action has been fixed.
  • All Weapons Traders now sell TT (Trade Terminal) weapons.
  • It is no longer necessary to reequip repaired items, which were below their condition limit and dragged directly from the avatar to the Repair Terminal, in order for their condition to be restored.
  • Adjustments to Fort Argus bank to prevent avatars getting stuck in stairs.
  • Attachments on other avatars' weapons are now visible to all.
  • A 'Confirm' panel has been included for processing 'Estate Maintenance' payments.
  • The 'Big Bulk' mob no longer inflicts burn damage.
  • Blueprint Books have been recolored to reflect the color of the blueprints they contain.
  • Avatar feet are now better positioned when sitting in chairs.
  • Flying rocks and dancing trees behave as they should again.

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